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I love to work hard. I love to bring ideas to life and to dream and scheme and do. 

This is a huge part of my make-up and personality. My brain is wired for action and ideas and this is a gift to me, I know that. I get huge fulfilment from the 'doing' but lately I've been on a path of learning the importance of rest; but maybe not rest as I once knew it.

Our culture isn't a big promoter of rest is it? We are often encouraged to hustle, to do more, have more, be more. Work harder, faster, stronger, longer - achieve achieve achieve.  On the other hand, sometimes rest sounds like this elusive thing that is only ever achievable if you have no responsibilities or ambition. Neither of these binary ways of thinking are helpful or healthy. There is burn-out waiting around the corner and rest happening from a place of burn out is not rest. It is recovery. I don't know about you but I don't want to recover from my life. 

Rest doesn't always sound very exciting either does it? Maybe for you it sounds like stopping or waiting or hesitation and maybe even for some of us - weakness. 

I've had a bit of an awakening to what rest looks like for me - a bit of a stirring of realisation.

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Behind & Ahead (...and a little project to come)

I'm sitting here in my living room, the baby asleep upstairs after an epic 2-hourly wakeful night and the sun is gloriously streaming in through the bay window. Dave and Levi are out doing messages - taking rubbish to the dump, dropping stuff off at the Charity Shop from the first half of our post-Christmas epic clear out - and I am thinking about the year that is drawing to a close and the anticipation of the one ahead.

This year gave us Ada.  Our beautiful girl who is growing like a weed, manoeuvring around the furniture, cutting teeth like a mad thing and whose first year is whizzing by so fast, proving once again to me that time stands still for no one.  

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