I'm Mel. I live with my husband Dave (who works in sustainable transport) and our two small children (son, Levi and daughter, Ada) in beautiful, complicated Northern Ireland and feel lucky to do so. I've lived in Canada and England, travelled far and wide but love nothing more than coming home. 

I work part-time coordinating a local community project I co-founded in 2011 called 'Freedom Acts'. We are a small team that work to prevent people being exploited or trafficked in our local area. This part of my life is challenging, rewarding and shapes how I view the world.  I am also self-employed to write, run online courses, speak at events and run the Assembly Community.

These passions of mine - ethical living, female creativity and motherhood are all connected; woven together. I believe in the power of women and girls all over the world to shape the now and change the future. I'm all in when it comes to championing my sisters and challenging narratives and boundaries that hold us back - even when those things are our own mindsets. I'm outspoken, soft-hearted and ambitious.

Some of my favourite things include proper coffee, heated discussions (in person, not on facebook), good photography, standing ovations, charity shopping, feeding people around my table, being outside, crying at adverts, open fires, quality design, ethical fashion, people who don’t know that they’re funny, pointless stationary, generosity and exploring new places.

If you are a very normal person with a busy life and responsibilities to manage but you want to be more thoughtful about the planet and the people in it - this space is for you. 

If creativity brings you to life and you want to be more courageous and purposeful about it - this space is for you.

If you are a mother who needs permission to find something for herself - this space is for you.

If you're all of those things - you're my new best friend! Lucky me!