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Our final Assembly Gathering of 2017 has come and gone. On Sunday afternoon 35 of us huddled around campfires, dined on delicious local food, foraged in the freezing sunlight and forged new friendships. 

With ice and snow covering most of the country over the weekend, it felt like madness to be hosting a dinner and workshops in a stone barn at the beautiful property of Laura & Ben in Downpatrick. Miraculously though, the sun came out as people were arriving and it wasn't long before we forgot about the cold and immersed ourselves in conversations, food and making. We forgot about the cold. We forgot about the cold. Maybe if I write it a few more times it will be true. It was cold. 

A year into running Assembly Gatherings has taught me a lot about the power of female resilience; of the wide open hearts of women who want to connect. Each time we have a gathering it feels like we are steadily building an army of supportive women, ready to propel and promote each other. I can feel it in my bones and see it in the way people are connecting both online and in person.

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5 Ways You Can Stay Sane This Christmas

Other working titles for this blog post have included:  "How not to lose your mind and your money this Christmas", "The Mel Wiggins Guide to keeping it together and not wanting to kill people during the Christmas season" and '"OH LORD. CHRISTMAS CAN BE DRAINING".  Catchy, right? This time of the year.  Oh the merriment, the excitement!  The parties, the presents, the rituals and traditions.  

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