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It's the middle of August here and although Summer seems like a distant memory already, I wanted to share one last brand with you that I've been wearing this Summer.  I think you're going to love them.

Sukkhacitta is a beautiful hand-crafted clothing company making a huge difference in rural Indonesia and indeed, the world. It's focus is on empowering women who face massive economic and educational barriers by investing in their craft and giving them ownership and investment in their abilities. They are passionate about community impact and by investing in these women and their skills, the ripples of this are felt throughout the village they work in. Everyone benefits. 

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If you are interested in 'greening' up your beauty cabinet, this post is for you. I thought I'd share a few of my favourite summer eco beauty essentials that are being used day in and out. Summer is a great time to try some new green products out because our skin tends to be out more and in need of good protection.  

Full disclosure, my 'beauty routine' is hardly a routine at all but is focused on convenience and less being more. I love natural products that enhance what I've already got goin' on and so I feel like what I do buy needs to be good quality, long-lasting and as naturally produced as possible.  

I've chosen six items that I wouldn't be without this summer - here goes:

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Ethical Fashion - 5 Tips to Update Your Wardrobe Using eBay

I have been on an eBay mission of late. This is me - I go through the motions with eBay. I'm all or nothing. On a roll or just can't be bothered. 

Lately though, it's go time. I've done some good post-baby clothes clearing out - anything that was feeling too frumpy, too worn out and clothes that I was actively avoiding got purged. This left room for a few items that I wanted to replace in a more thoughtful way. Good basics that would see me through this Winter to Spring transition without breaking the bank.

There are so many amazing professional sellers out there on eBay, and if you are a vintage clothing lover, you could whittle away a great many hours scouring all the vintage eBay shops for unique and rare finds. Trust me, I have. I adore the fact that I can secondhand shop at home in my jammies without having to root through the bowels of a musty charity shop (that sounds unfair - I still do love a good rummage in a charity shop but there is less time for that these days) and I am still able to keep my sense of style on a budget. 

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When it comes to parenting, we are mostly winging it. Every day of this job/privilege where we have to keep these tinies alive and make sure they grow up to be decent humans is a learning curve. Every day we are faced with new challenges that we hadn't thought about how we would handle and conversations that we are in over our head with. "Mummy, when you're dead are you just lying in the ground dead?".... Yeah. That stuff. 

The last six years of parenting has been both but a tiny portion of life and a steep time of growth.  We have unlearned a heap of things that we thought we were supposed to do and be as parents and that process has been difficult and freeing all at the same time. I write what I'm about to write here not as an expert, but as a normal parent that is figuring it out daily - drinking in grace and compassion for myself as we navigate these unchartered territories for our own family.  It is relentless and rewarding. It is hard. 

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You'll notice that my website has had a bit of a make over recently that I'm really excited about and proud of (I managed to switch my whole site over to a new host and create the new layout myself which is a MASSIVE feat for me)! I have been wanting to shake things up with my writing and blog stuff for a while and finally took the plunge last month to create a site where all of the things I am intending to work on in the year ahead made more sense (big thanks to Ben Connolly from Angel & Anchor for the new look branding).  You'll see the blog remains, but I've also put a spot up here for info on Assembly Gatherings - something that I'm excited to keep going on a seasonal basis - and there will also be a new feature added soon that will allow you to engage with some online resources that I'm creating.  

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Behind & Ahead (...and a little project to come)

I'm sitting here in my living room, the baby asleep upstairs after an epic 2-hourly wakeful night and the sun is gloriously streaming in through the bay window. Dave and Levi are out doing messages - taking rubbish to the dump, dropping stuff off at the Charity Shop from the first half of our post-Christmas epic clear out - and I am thinking about the year that is drawing to a close and the anticipation of the one ahead.

This year gave us Ada.  Our beautiful girl who is growing like a weed, manoeuvring around the furniture, cutting teeth like a mad thing and whose first year is whizzing by so fast, proving once again to me that time stands still for no one.  

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