These are the words that every woman deserves to feel when they think about their life.

The reality is that so often we just trundle through, keeping ideas and dreams tucked in the back of our mind and hearts; keeping opportunities for growth on a shelf for ‘someday’.

Maybe when my kids are bigger…

Maybe when I have more training…

Maybe when I feel more ready…

Maybe when I do that course…

Maybe when I have a bigger following…

Maybe maybe maybe.

Maybe feels easier.

Maybe keeps us safe but it does not keep us fulfilled.

What I know is this: There is no such thing as the right time. There is no such thing as ready.

Yet these are the lies we tell ourselves to stay safe and small.

It really doesn’t have to be this way - and I’m here to help you find a road back to yourself.



“I started one to one coaching sessions with Mel just before a very busy time in my business. After a year of intense growth and being on a 'high' from everything I'd achieved, the imposter syndrome and confidence issues that come with plateauing really kicked in. I was facing burnout and I had no idea how I was going to get through a time when I needed to be at my best creatively, whilst also trying to continue the growth I'd started. My sessions with Mel not only helped me through this really 'stretchy' time, but shed light on goals that I didn't even realise I had.

Business wise it's been huge as Mel helped me find clarity in terms of pricing and how I approach money, which has made such a difference financially. I've also been able to change my working methods to free up more time and have a better working schedule which has maximised my productivity. My clients have received a much better experience as a result.

I can not tell you how much of a huge difference my sessions have made to me, professionally and personally. They've been productive, enlightening and a safe space for me to explore my ideas and creativity. And I have no doubt that I'll continue to benefit from them for years to come. They have been an incredible investment in my business, but most importantly myself.”



Working with women is such an immense privilege and I am committed to helping women build a life that is true to them from the inside out.

I have been involved in personal development work with women from all backgrounds and ages for over 15 years in both the community and private sectors. Most recently I have completed extensive training with Tara Mohr (Author of Playing Big) as a Playing Big Facilitator.

My support style is warm, authentic, strategic and committed. When we work together I will give you space to be fully human and also give you permission to thrive in the way that you truly want to. I will gently challenge and ferociously champion you.

I will hold belief for you when you can't and help you excavate the brilliance already inside you.

When you decide to work with me one-to-one you can expect a blend of support styles:


Partnering with you to ask the right questions in the right way to find out what you really want, why you want it and what might be holding you back.


Offering advice and support on particular areas that you want to focus on and sharing my expertise based on my own experience.


Giving practical and strategic advice that will help to provide solutions to practical issues you are facing (ie. social media, branding, mission statements, content creation etc).

This style of one-to-one work allows our relationship to be fluid and gives you the opportunity to tap into whatever support style you need when you need it!


“Taking the leap for a 90 minute Kickstart call with Mel was instrumental in me having the courage to take my business seriously. I’m a really cautious and structured person by nature. I love details and often struggle to see the big picture. Talking through my biggest fears about up-levelling and going full-time in my business really helped me to hold things more lightly and focus on what would actually make me happy. Within a couple of weeks I put my notice in at my day job!

I decided to continue working with Mel in some one-to-one coaching and I’m proud to say that, with her guidance, in my first full month in business I met my first financial goal. Now I have to pick a higher one! I’m still working with Mel to diversify and grow - she’s taught me so much. I definitely should have done this sooner!”




+ Women who want to explore a goal or idea and need some regular accountability and support.

+ Women who feel unfulfilled, are ready for a change and want to play bigger.

+ Women who feel overwhelmed with their business or ideas and need a secure space to develop them with more clarity.

+ Women who want to develop their self-belief and learn skills to enable them to move through their fears and limiting stories.

+ Women who desire a supportive and encouraging environment to nurture their ideas and dreams.

+ Women who need some accountability and focus.

+ Women who are ready to earn an income from the work that they love.

+ Women who struggle with the technical or practical side of their business or ideas (websites/social media/marketing/pricing) and need some step-by-step help.

+ Women who are ready to do the work it takes to build a fulfilling life for themselves.


“Working with Mel is an essential investment in yourself. She has helped me to process the idea of becoming a mother to two under two, while balancing a demanding career. Having Mel as a coach has encouraged me to take time out for myself and given me the space to identify what really matters to me. Mel has also supported me to identify key strategies to keep my feet on the ground and navigate the challenges I encounter as a busy wife, mother and business woman.

I am now able to embrace my next season with excitement rather than fear. Without Mel’s input, this would not have been possible. I will be forever grateful.”





+ Bi-weekly video calls - recorded for you to go back to at any time.

+ Follow up action notes and email support after every call.

+ A safe space to dump all of the stuff that is blocking your next move forward.

+ An opportunity to unpack some of the layers of magic that have been hiding.

+ No judgement, no BS.

+ Advice, support and mentoring from someone who gets it.

+ Heaps of empathy, challenge and cheering.