do you ever feel guilty about not doing enough for the environment or other social issues?


would you love to find a way to contribute to solutions that fit in with your busy family life?


Do you want your kids to understand how to care for the earth and the people in it?


Me too.


That's why we need to come together. We need to be reminded that together, regular people just like us hold a lot of power. That making the effort to learn about the world around us and how we can care for it and each other is worth it. 

Attempting to live more ethically can be overwhelming. 

You may feel like you have no idea where to start or maybe even that what you are doing isn't making a difference. 

You might be frustrated that you're not informed enough and feel stuck because it feels like there is not enough time to research.

Well, I get it.  And I'm here to pull you out of the overwhelm and ease some of that frustration. 

What if I told you that you could...

+ make small but significant changes in your home that will save you time, money and have a global impact?

+ find fulfilling and fun ways to engage your kids in a love for the earth and others?

+ develop a happier and healthier family life by living more intentionally?

+ feel more connected to the world, instead of a passive part of it?

In 'Eco Family Living' you'll join a host of others for a 4-week course looking at these themes:

+ WHY BE ETHICAL? What impact do our everyday family choices have on people & planet? What are the benefits of more thoughtful living?

+ FOOD + WASTE Being smart about buying groceries. The importance of seasonal eating. Taking control of food waste. Simple tips for growing your own food.

+ CONSUMPTION Why our consumption is harmful for us, the world and others. The in's and out's of recycling. Conscious consumerism and consumer power. Finding freedom from pairing down your home.

+ KEEPING IT CLEAN The effects of chemicals in household products. Easy every-day eco cleaning hacks. Tackling water usage in the home. Green beauty & family hygiene tips.

+ EVERYDAY FAMILY ACTIVISM Finding a cause for your family to connect with. Fun ways to encourage activism in your children. How to engage your kids in world issues without troubling them unnecessarily.


+ 4 Weekly Lessons (with optional printable worksheets).

+ 4 Weekly challenges to involve the whole family in.

+ A closed Facebook group for sharing with other participants.

+ Live video streams each week to unpack the weekly lessons.

Come away feeling good, not guilty; understanding your impact and more intentional about your decisions.

Each week we'll dig into a particular topic, learn about our impact in this area and take on small challenges with our families, all of which are designed to keep you connected to the earth and to each other.

You'll also receive some great links to documentaries you can watch together as a family, a closed facebook group where you can share ideas and progress with other participants, and live video streams with me to talk you through the weeks content in more depth.



My motivation changed after doing Mel’s resource. I felt like I was a part of a movement of people aspiring to live less like the world and to recapture what was really important in life. Mel’s practical tips made it feel doable and less overwhelming.
— Lindsay Short - Middletown, Ohio
The resource was fantastic! It wasn’t too long or involved; rather concise, to the point and most importantly thought provoking. I never felt like this was a chore to participate in, it was such a thoughtful and welcoming group. Just take the leap and go for it, the format is approachable and you can choose the amount of participation you’re comfortable with. The community aspect of this programme is what sold me; the common struggles and success shared were motivating.
— Erinn Campbell - Ontario, Canada
The course made me slow down and think more about purchasing things. I was even imagining the course material in my head! I’ll be going back to the course materials every so often to keep on track.
— Katherine Nagl - Fife, Scotland
The biggest thing for me was the camaraderie and sharing of common obstacles and issues. It gave me a kick up the backside and motivation to make changes whilst sharing that with others.
— Kathy Walshe - Norwich, England