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When it comes to parenting, we are mostly winging it. Every day of this job/privilege where we have to keep these tinies alive and make sure they grow up to be decent humans is a learning curve. Every day we are faced with new challenges that we hadn't thought about how we would handle and conversations that we are in over our head with. "Mummy, when you're dead are you just lying in the ground dead?".... Yeah. That stuff. 

The last six years of parenting has been both but a tiny portion of life and a steep time of growth.  We have unlearned a heap of things that we thought we were supposed to do and be as parents and that process has been difficult and freeing all at the same time. I write what I'm about to write here not as an expert, but as a normal parent that is figuring it out daily - drinking in grace and compassion for myself as we navigate these unchartered territories for our own family.  It is relentless and rewarding. It is hard. 

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When You Question Your Parenting...

8pm, 8.45pm, 10pm, 1.40am, 3.30am, 5am, 6am, 7.45am Those are the hours that I tended to a wakeful baby last week.  And the week before.  And the week before that, in fact.

I lay on the bed beside that baby questioning every single parenting decision I had made from she entered the world wondering if I had completely banjaxed the whole entire thing.  I scoured every parenting facebook group and forum for comfort or answers as to why this baby was intent on never sleeping.

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