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Ethical Fashion Top Tips - How I Shop

The seasons are changing.  Autumn has pretty much peaked and we are headed on a quick sharp slide into Winter.  It has me thinking about clothes - what I have, what I need, what I would love.  If, like me, the changing of the weather gives you a little nudge to buy some new threads,  I offer you this little insight into how my clothes shopping habits have changed in the last few years. Years ago I would have been a pretty compulsive fast fashion hound.  When I lived in London during my Uni days, a quick nip into Oxford Street (haha, quick and Oxford Street... words that are impossible to marry) to the flagship Topshop or the ginormous H&M would have been totally predictable.  I bought clothes so unconsciously, so flippantly that when I look back at pictures of those days, I can't even remember buying the things I am wearing in the photos.  They went in and out of my wardrobe so quickly and without much thought.

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