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When it came to buying baby stuff for Ada, we were really focused on keeping things simple.  Most of the things we had from Levi's baby days had already found a new home or were donated and so almost five years later we were starting from scratch.  Most of the big stuff we tried to find second-hand, including our pram.  I remember feeling so overwhelmed by buggies and travel systems this time around.  The world of prams was a very different one now from 2011 and the amount of choice, add-ons and online reviews was immense and confusing. What did I really need?! It all felt too much so we settled on one from gumtree that looked really pretty but...

It took our trip to Italy for me to finally surrender that we had made the wrong choice of pram. Sure it was pretty, but it just didn't have the stamina for the amount of walking that we were doing. We had the tires blow out on us a couple of (really inconvenient) times over the two weeks we were away and had to scurry to local Italian bicycle shops to get them patched and fixed. Thank goodness for baby-wearing, even if it was 40 degree heat!  Lesson learned.  Sometimes second-hand items work out, and sometimes they don't. We needed a pram to be reliable as my back-to-work date was looming and we were leaving Ada in the trusty hands of grandparents who would be taking her out and about for walks all the time.  

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