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You'll notice that my website has had a bit of a make over recently that I'm really excited about and proud of (I managed to switch my whole site over to a new host and create the new layout myself which is a MASSIVE feat for me)! I have been wanting to shake things up with my writing and blog stuff for a while and finally took the plunge last month to create a site where all of the things I am intending to work on in the year ahead made more sense (big thanks to Ben Connolly from Angel & Anchor for the new look branding).  You'll see the blog remains, but I've also put a spot up here for info on Assembly Gatherings - something that I'm excited to keep going on a seasonal basis - and there will also be a new feature added soon that will allow you to engage with some online resources that I'm creating.  

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Behind & Ahead (...and a little project to come)

I'm sitting here in my living room, the baby asleep upstairs after an epic 2-hourly wakeful night and the sun is gloriously streaming in through the bay window. Dave and Levi are out doing messages - taking rubbish to the dump, dropping stuff off at the Charity Shop from the first half of our post-Christmas epic clear out - and I am thinking about the year that is drawing to a close and the anticipation of the one ahead.

This year gave us Ada.  Our beautiful girl who is growing like a weed, manoeuvring around the furniture, cutting teeth like a mad thing and whose first year is whizzing by so fast, proving once again to me that time stands still for no one.  

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