Now is an amazing time to make some green changes to your everyday. The slog of January is over and the motivation of the new year is beginning to hum in the background…

Maybe you’ve felt drawn to be a little more earth conscious and you want to find a way to begin that journey in an attainable way. Maybe you have realised that as humans we are both the problem and the solution to so many major environmental and ethical crises in the world today. What you need to know is that being green, eco, ethical or sustainable doesn’t have to be complicated. 

I’m talking small steps that really make a difference. That’s what this blog is all about – showcasing simple ways to be more thoughtful about how we live; understanding that modern life and being ethical don’t have to be conflicting or difficult to marry up. There are ways and means to begin our eco journey without feeling overwhelmed – here’s my starter for five for 2018:


1) Change up your toothbrush. This is a tiny effort and a huge impact. We all (hopefully) brush our teeth, but plastic toothbrushes never biodegrade and end up in landfill, causing damaging greenhouse gasses and ruining ecosystems that help our planet to thrive. Bamboo toothbrushes are cheaper than plastic ones, are completely biodegradable and in my opinion – nicer to look at than plastic ones. I love The Humble Co. & especially love their Humble Smile Foundation – such an amazing ethos within the brand and the dedication from dentists and dental hygiene professionals wanting to support vulnerable people around the world is commendable. It’s so simple to buy these instead of your usual plastic brush (options for bamboo brushes online are endless now). What are you waiting for?!


2) Make one DIY cleaning product. Try just one. Our homes are supposed to be safe havens but many of us are unaware of the amount of toxic chemicals that reside in our everyday products. Maybe this is your year to try out a make-it-yourself cleaning recipe. Maybe a simple water, white vinegar, castile soap & essential oil mix for an everyday spray? I got my amber glass spray bottles (shown above) here if you wanted to do the same. Or try one of Hannah’s tried and tested recipes? Even better, get your hands on Wendy’s new book ‘Fresh Clean Home’ and pick a few things to try this year so you can ditch the toxic chemicals in your home once and for all.  

3) Reduce your clothes shopping. Try a little fast fashion fast – no clothes shopping for a month. The strain that the fashion industry puts on the environment is devastating – not to mention the questionable supply chains and workers not given basic human rights. Put the money you would have spent on a few bargain items in a safe place and at the end of the month find an ethical brand or independent maker you love (check out Wild Flora Clothing for some incredible seamstress skills and properly well made garments) and buy something special from them. Try and buy something that will get a lot of wear - good basics are worth investing in.

wild flora clothing
wild flora clothing jumpsuit

(Jumpsuit of dreams c/o Wild Flora Clothing)

4) Bring your bags! How many times have you been to the supermarket and got to the checkout and realised that you forgot your bag for life either at home or heaven forbid, in the car – right outside…? Intentions are good but we need to up our game and reduce our dependence on single use plastic bags (even if we could argue that they are dual use because they end up lining our bins...desperate times). Same goes for bringing our own bags for loose products (fruit/veg). Make this the year that you decide to not buy any more bags for life – even if it means you have to do the walk of shame to the car with a trolley full of bag-less unpacked items. 

5) Get reusable bottles/mugs. Not just any though – so many of them are badly made, fall apart easily or are made from toxic materials. Find one that is sustainably made. There are some expensive models in the market but don't let that put you off the search. We have found these One Green Bottles really good value and so good for not only helping us remember to take our water with us but also for keeping water cold all day and reminding me especially to up my intake of H2O. We are also big fans of Keep Cups. I have this one and get asked about it all the time. I use it a lot, try to keep it in my bag and have brought it into coffee shops and given it to them to fill when I’m ordering a take away.


Five simple things - which ones seem doable to you? Let me know in the comments here or on IG/Facebook etc. 

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