It's the middle of August here and although Summer seems like a distant memory already (actually considered lighting our fire this weekend. Ugh), I wanted to share one last brand with you that I've been wearing this Summer.  I think you're going to love them.

Sukkhacitta is a beautiful hand-crafted clothing company making a huge difference in rural Indonesia and indeed, the world. It's focus is on empowering women who face massive economic and educational barriers by investing in their craft and giving them ownership and investment in their abilities. They are passionate about community impact and by investing in these women and their skills, the ripples of this are felt throughout the village they work in. Everyone benefits. 

In rural areas where poverty is rampant, it seems that craft is providing a viable opportunity for women in particular to pursue economic freedom while taking care of their children at home. In a country where education acts as a barrier for these last mile communities to enter formal employment, craft offers a livelihood option to nearly 30mn people living under poverty.

To top I'm wearing here is the Senja Back Button Top and is made with a double ikat weave - such gorgeous detail with the little flecks of white lines in the charcoal weave. It's casual, it's fancy, it's wearable and durable. I love it. I'll be wearing it year round.

The transparency element with Sukkhacitta is the best bit of the brand for me. I can see the heart behind every part of the brand's ethos and they are brilliant at documenting their relationships with their partners in Indonesia. They often share snippets of the weavers and crafters in action on their instagram stories and it really makes you feel connected to what they are doing. I love seeing behind the scenes, especially the techniques that go into making each garment. Years of skills and craft passed down - something we are so far removed from when we buy into fast fashion. Have a look at what you're wearing right now.  Have you ever thought about the hands that have touched it? The people who gathered the cotton, spun it, dyed it, wove it, sewed it? Who are they? It's incredible that we know so little really when every garment has a story to tell. 

Sukkhacitta's slogan is #MadeRight and it really is. From how they identify their partners, to the way they listen to what these communities need, their transparency and the garment quality (the styles and price points are brilliant and accessible) is made right from beginning to end. I love finding brands like this to champion because they have taken a risk amidst the busy pull of a fashion industry that wants us to believe that we should move quickly and buy more. These guys are into slow, consistent and radical change. 

They have items for men and women, beautiful scarves, kimonos and some trousers in the same ikat weave that I'm eyeing up for my next purchase so please do check out Sukkhacitta and consider buying from a brand that is doing some really life-changing work. 

Thanks to Sukkhacitta for partnering with me to share about their awesome work.

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