If you are interested in 'greening' up your beauty cabinet, this post is for you. I thought I'd share a few of my favourite summer eco beauty essentials that are being used day in and out. Summer is a great time to try some new green products out because our skin tends to be out more and in need of good protection.  

Full disclosure, my 'beauty routine' is hardly a routine at all but is focused on convenience and less being more. I love natural products that enhance what I've already got goin' on and so I feel like what I do buy needs to be good quality, long-lasting and as naturally produced as possible.  

I've chosen six items that I wouldn't be without this summer - here goes:

1. Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream - £39.95

You will have heard me sing the praises of this BB cream many times before. It is my absolute fav and I wear it every single day. Although the price point is more than average, it lasts me (I kid you not) about a year.  It has great coverage (I don't wear any other cream, concealer, powder or anything) is SPF 25 as well as UVB/UVA protection (and is completely vegan). Jane Iredale is the mother of mineral make up and I'm a huge fan of her products. It stays put in the heat and you need only the tiniest amount to do you each day - especially when you use the right brush... 

2. Spectrum Make Up Brushes - ranging from £3.99

These brushes. Seriously. I didn't really ever believe that brushes were important. I thought they were a pain in the ass. There are so many different ones, it's confusing. And you have to remember to wash them - I resent that. Then my MUA friend Carly came round and talked me through it. She even researched the best ethical/cruelty-free brushes for me and sent me the link to the Spectrum range (also vegan). I'm now a convert. I mean, I have three brushes and I know what to do with them so I'm not going mad about it but it's an improvement. I use the 'In the Buff' brush for applying my BB Cream and it makes the whole thing much easier and my product last much longer. 

3. Temple Spa Toning Essence - £16

Again, this toner has been a long-standing favourite of mine - I have been using it daily for 4 years and I am a big fan of Temple Spa (for so many reasons - its homegrown story, the ethos of the brand, their charitable investment into women's issues, how they treat their staff). This toner is so fresh; smells just like a Mediterranean salad - tomatoes, basil, lemon, mandarin, melon and is completely alcohol free so instead of drying out your skin like most toners, it gives it an extra boost of nourishment. I even used it on holidays during the day to spritz over my face when I needed a bit of a refresh from the heat. 

4. Green People Sun Lotion (kids & adults) - ranges from £14

With my fair irish skin, I take no risks in the sun. I have had one too many traumatic sunburns to allow for any error in sun protection now. Green People sent me some of their sun care range to try out and I took them on holidays with us. I had struggled to find a good enough sun lotion for the whole family that wasn't pumped full of chemicals and little Ada also has some patches of eczema so I didn't want to risk anything on her skin that would irritate that but the Green People lotions are so gentle, even for sensitive skin. It glides on and soaks in quickly and I really liked that it was unscented (insects, mozzies and flies love suncream smells). The four of us applied sun cream twice a day every day for a full week (it's important to reapply after swimming, even if the lotion is water resistant) and still came home with lotion in our bottles for the rest of the summer here in Northern Ireland (all five days of it...pffff).  

5. Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm - £19

Hand cream in the summer? YES. For me, my hands take a real battering in the summer. Between swimming, gardening, doing a million more dishes because of school holidays, sun exposure etc. they need some TLC. I had observed the swarm of Aesop products being featured online and wondered if it was just hype. I love the apothecary vibe of the brand but I certainly couldn't justify spending £27 on their hand soap but I did think it would be nice to have a really luxurious hand cream so I bought some in the Spring. I'm so glad I did because it is a real treat. Although Aesop has never claimed to be a 'green/eco' beauty company, they never use parabens, colourants, silicones or mineral oils. This hand balm is packed full of botanical ingredients and smells like orange and lavender. I carry this with me at all times and am really impressed at how long it is lasting. 

6. MOA Hello Sunshine Energising Body Oil - £22.50

This is a new one to me, but has already become a summer essential. My friend Rachel, who owns the stunning, covetous shop Woven in Banbridge came over for a coffee and brought me this the other week. I could have kissed her. I have been looking at MOA products for ages and kept meaning to try them out. Rach remembered me saying how much of a rare treat it is to get time to moisturise your body as a mum and brought me the new MOA body oil as a treat - what a total babe. Showers and getting ready time in my life are usually a blur of "Ada, please put the toilet roll down" "be careful on the bed!" and having a toddler on my hip as I try to one-handedly apply eyeliner. There is rarely time to do a full body moisturise. This body oil makes it super fast and super easy - just slick it on and go. It smells divine - so fresh, and has such a rich ingredient list of all natural essential oils, minerals and antioxidants. I love how the oil makes your skin feel and look instantly more healthy. Rachel stocks MOA in Woven so make sure and check it out if you are local!

Also - sidenote - my zip pouch is from Matter. An amazing ethical fashion brand you can read all about in my previous post here

What are your must-have eco beauty essentials lately? Are there any products you are loving this Summer? Fill a sister in! And be sure to let me know if you have tried any of the above - I do love a good natter about beauty products...