While our summer holiday is still a vague memory in my mind, I thought I would share a little bit about other ethical clothing brands I wore on our trip to France. As you may have seen here (and here) over the last year or so, I've been wearing a lot of pieces from Thought Clothing. I have found them to be such a go-to brand for key items because everything fits so well, is SUCH good quality and is really affordable. 

I wore this dress a LOT on holiday. It's the Felipa and it's made from hemp, which is such a great fabric and much softer than you probably imagine it is (same texture as a softer linen AND 3x stronger than cotton). It's lined really well (so you don't have to panic about what knickers to wear underneath!) and has the most incredibly delicate lace detail. Even though it has a bit of an empire waist, the drop slit in the neckline was perfect and I really loved how it flowed on my shape (my shape is busty - not usually an empire waist-wearing kind of gal) and I'm not going to lie - it made me feel very authentically french. I might have even strutted around the market in it, hoping to pull off pretending I was a local just out to get my weekly fruit and veg. Dave stepped in when I started faffing around trying to wedge a baguette in my wicker bag (because - french ladies are super casual about baguettes in wicker bags, right?).  

You're not french, love, and you're ruining that perfectly good baguette. 


thought clothing white hemp dress mel wiggins

Miraculously the dress made it home without a blemish. I have no idea how because it was worn out for dinner, around the pool and thrown on to go to the supermarket. It did the rounds. And it washes like a ribbon (as they say). I have my hands clasped in petition to the weather gods to give us some sunshine here in Northern Ireland so I can bust it out again. 

I have always had so many questions about my items from Thought so I thought I would pop on here and make sure to share more about them. They make ethical clothes shopping easy. They get women's sizing (I've found them to be one of the truest to size brands around and we all know what a minefield that can be), they get that we need everyday clothes that feel great and are good quality. They just get it. I have had a look at their Autumn/Winter line recently and it is a beaut (and if you have never tried their bamboo socks - DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR). Head over and see what I'm talking about...

In collaboration with the marvellous Thought Clothing.



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