Happy New Years Eve Everyone!

You'll notice that my website has had a bit of a make-over recently that I'm really excited about and proud of (I managed to switch my whole site over to a new host and create the new layout myself which is a MASSIVE feat for me)! I have been wanting to shake things up with my writing and blog stuff for a while and finally took the plunge last month to create a site where all of the things I am intending to work on in the year ahead made more sense (big thanks to Ben Connolly from Angel & Anchor for the new look branding).  

You'll see the blog remains here, but I've also put a spot up for info on Assembly Gatherings - something that I'm excited to keep going on a seasonal basis - and there will also be a new feature added soon that will allow you to buy tickets for Assembly and engage with some online resources that I'm creating.  

I've never really had a fancy blog name like lots of other blogs - I could never decide on anything that was really 'me' but I've added in a bit of a tag line here to try and explain the overall feel of what I want this space of mine - the writing, the resources, the gatherings to reflect - Thoughtful Living For Down To Earth People.  Hopefully you know by now that living in a way that is thoughtful towards people and planet is a big deal for me, but I also am aware that this area of my life and the life of our family is a work in progress.  I'm constantly learning what it means to live a life where my words and my actions match up - where what I believe is not just a belief, but is put into practice.  I want to be down to earth enough to admit the things that trip me up when it comes to living ethically and mindfully and it's my hope that you'll come along for the ride and we can learn together.  

I mentioned in my last post about wanting to launch a little project on here to help us move forward into the new year with a bit more intention and meaning.  After a pretty dark few months in 2016, I'd like to think we all are ready to draw a line somewhere and muster up the ability to see the good, challenge the wrong and be a little softer on ourselves and others.

So, with this as the intention, I am going to invite you to join me in a free e-guide that will set us up as we mean to go on in the year ahead.  

I give you...

A Simpler Start To The Year Melwiggins.com

Imagine getting to the end of 2017 feeling like you made the year really count. You prioritised the right people, freed your mind and your home from clutter; you thrived in work and made your life matter more. Rather than roll into 2017, join me in stepping into a new year with intention, dreams, determination, and hope.

A Simpler Start To The Year - what's included:

-  A weekly, three-part Simpler Start guide, sent straight to your inbox in January. 

-  A breakdown of some of the things we can focus on right now in order to live more fully in the coming year.

-  Top tips and ideas on how we can simplify three significant areas of our life: our priorities, our perspectives, our possessions.  

-  Action points for each of the three areas; ways that we can practically put our intentions into motion.

-  Inspiring video links and other helpful resources to dig into.

-  An opportunity to be accountable with others (completely optional).

Are you with me?

We don't have to limp into this year weary, disillusioned and overwhelmed.  We can commit together now to keep things simple and look forward to a year where the stuff that really matters is at the centre of our lives.  

*Update - subscription to 'A Simpler Start To The Year' is now closed!