Ethical Fashion Collective - Holiday Dress Edition

Good morning from Florence! We are having such a great time here - you can read all about our first few days away in Tuscany here, but today is all about the ethical fashion collective - how quickly the first Friday of the month rolls around, eh?

Vicky & I were chatting in the lead up to this month's post about how difficult it can be to be more mindful of where and what you buy and how easy it is to get lured back into fast fashion, turning a blind eye to questionable ethics etc.  I love that we can talk openly about our struggle with this as two girls who love style and creativity and not feed judged.  It is hard.  Especially when money isn't free flowing and lots of the beautiful ethical clothing that we so covet is beyond our budgets.

I was intrigued to come across the brand Nobody's Child a while ago.  I spotted some of their clothes popping up on Instagram and when I looked into their website, their slogan is "Fast fashion. With a Conscience".  Reading more I got to find out that they have spent ages refining and investing in their supply chains so that they can get on trend clothes made responsibly and at a faster pace.

Nobody’s Child is a London-based fashion brand with a very simple belief: that fast fashion doesn’t have to be synonymous with low quality or questionable manufacturing practices.

But we’ve always known that being an ethical brand would involve more than good intentions alone; it would require planning and infrastructure. Which is why, for the past ten years, we have been building our supply and production capabilities, putting everything in place so that today we weave and dye our own fabrics, design and produce our own prints, and make our garments in our own factories.

It’s because we control the entire process, that we can keep costs down and quality high - without having to compromise on our ethical standards."

You see, I still really like some trendy pieces, and although a capsule wardrobe of classic timeless items is the goal, sometimes you see something you like that is on trend and you just want to have a play.

Nobody's Child Ethical Fashion Collective

That's me this morning when the temp was a bazillion and I was having borderline Monica humidity hair.

I'm still not sure fast fashion can be completely ethical because of how it impacts on the environment so I did hesitate to really get on board with their slogan, but their collections are not overwhelming and they don't seem to change really rapidly.  They are stylish and selective - so that gave me hope that they were thoughtful in a mass production kind of way.  Since it was holiday time coming up I thought I'd give them a go and buy this black and white gingham dress from their summer line.  Their price points are really really affordable as well - this dress coming in at only £22.  I'm still pretty limited in my wardrobe choice and am really missing my dresses because of breastfeeding so it seemed like the perfect dress for me with the buttons down the front.

Nobody's Child Ethical Fashion Collective MelWiggins.comVerdict is, I really love the fit and the fabric is so soft.  It is light enough that I was able to endure 36 degree heat in it all day today and it didn't feel sticky.  I also reckon I could wear it with tights and a cardigan in the Autumn.  I also really love this dress, the colours of this off the shoulder top are to die for and it would be hard to go wrong with these effortless black culottes.  Nobody's Child may have struck on something great here meaning you can really rest your head knowing is coming from a company that is thinking this stuff through for those of us that still have a penchant for on-trend pieces that don't break the bank.  In the words of Donna and Tom (from Parks & Rec - duh!), treat yo self.

Nobody's Child Ethical Fashion Collective

Maybe you'd like to join in with Vicky, myself and a growing army of fashionista's waging war on the irresponsibly clothing industry that seduces us and then exploits people and the planet?  All you have to do is share a post or a picture across social media of your favourite ethically sourced clothing and use the #ethicalfashioncollective hashtag!