New Baby Best Buys

Ok, so I'm flying in for a quick post here because I'm seeing so many new beautiful babies arrive on the scene lately and I've also been getting lots of questions about baby gear we have used from pictures they have seen on instagram and blog posts etc.  I thought it might be helpful to collate some of the things that we have been using since Ada came along that we absolutely LOVE. Let me offer a disclaimer that this is not a sponsored post, nor am I claiming that these things are even remotely essential or some kind of must-haves.  These are just things that I have really found useful and that have made the transition back to baby stage that bit more fun/manageable/sanity-saving.

New Baby Best Buys - Items to make the transition to baby life easier.

+  Organic Muslins:  Muslins in general are just the best ever things.  I have found that too many is never enough and these Cam Cam Copenhagen ones are by far the most superior.  They are massive, SO soft and really great quality.  I use them for literally everything from wiping up spit up, draping over the carseat in the sunshine and stuffing down my pj top in the middle of the night because my boobs are leaking.  True story.  You can get them here or here.

+  Tipitoes Bath:  This is definitely a non essential. If you have a regular old baby bath it will do just fine.  Heck, babies can be washed anywhere there is water but this little bath has been so handy for us.  It has a little seat that allows the baby to sit up in the water and kick about without you holding them the whole time (although you should NEVER leave the baby in unattended).  Ada LOVES it.  It means you aren't breaking your back holding a slippy baby while you try to wash all their roly poly bits - what a palaver that is.  You can get it here.

+  Non-toxic baby wipes:  We are an earth-loving family, so trying to use non-toxic products in this time has been important to us.  Reusable wipes would really take the cake, but babies do a lot of pooing in the first 3 months and my washing is already badly neglected so this is the next best thing.  I really love the Jackson Reece wipes because they are a) completely chemical free and b) made locally to us.  I contacted the company direct and made a bulk order, saving a little on buying them individually which helps as they are not as cheap as own brand wipes but far far superior in quality and in ingredients for sensitive little new baby skin.  I even meet the brand owner now in car parks for our wipes/cash exchange.  We joke that he is my wipes dealer.  Everybody laughs, it's a good gag.  Get them here.

+  Eco dummy:  Miss Ada (as Levi calls her) had a dummy in her mouth from the get-go.  I did some research on it and went for the hevea natural dummy.  It's supposed to be good for breastfed babies and is made from natural ingredients.  Because it's all natural, it wears away a bit so needs to be changed every 3 or 4 months and to be fair it is not the cutest dummy there ever was (grandparents subtly hate it) but she took to it right away.  I can't tell you how many people have asked me what is made of.  I tell them it is made from the breath of fairies.  They roll their eyes at me.  You can check them out here.

+  Foldable changing mat:  I had my parents bring over this bonded leather mat from Gathre in North America.  It is small and handy to whip out and use around the house & also neatly folds into your changing bag for out and about. It is the only changing mat we have used this time around.  The one I have is from their collaboration with Love Taza but you can get loads of beautiful colours here.

+ Sleepyhead Pod:  Last but not least, I cannot sing the praises enough of our beloved sleepyhead pod.  I read and read and read the reviews of it and all the other similar brands before taking the plunge and ordering a new one.  It felt like a huge expense at the time and then weirdly, the day after I hit 'buy', someone on a facebook selling page offered me their almost brand new one for half the price, so I sent the new one back but knowing what I know now, I would happily have paid full price for it.  Ada is in it for pretty much every sleep since day one and we couldn't love it more.  It gets moved all around our house so she can be near us when she sleeps and we are even taking it on holiday with us to Italy.  It is a bit of a luxury item but I honestly think it is worth it as it resales well, is perfect for cautious co-sleepers and really fosters that fourth trimester coziness that a brand new baby needs to feel safe and sleep well.  Check on buy and sell facebook pages, gumtree & eBay or buy it here.

There you go.  I have stayed up WAY past my bedtime putting this together so I hope that it helps some of you out there trying to navigate the overwhelming world of baby gear.  Next on my hitlist is to find a great eco play mat, bouncer/chair and teething toys.  If you have any recommendations for those or questions about the above, just shout!