Get Inspired: Stitch + Forage & 30 Days of Rewilding

Whoosh.  That right there is the sound of the summer flying by.  I feel like Spring turns into Summer so quickly and gently round here and now we are in the throes of June, I can't quite believe it!  Also, my baby is 12 weeks old.  That is a QUARTER OF A YEAR since she was born.  Insane in the membrane. I thought the heralding in of proper proper summer would be the perfect time to share with you two amazing resources that some of my talented friends have produced.  The blogging world is an interesting one, something that I'm really only properly getting to grips with utilising well lately and I have to say that the best, most valuable part of writing online is the people that you get to know.  I learn so much from other writers.

Hannah (Seeds & Stitches) and Lucy (Lulastic) are two of the people who I am super grateful to know through blogging and are both fiercely intelligent and creative women.  Both have produced really inspiring work that I'd love for you to check out.

STITCH & FORAGEfruit picking | Seeds and Stitches blog-14 copy Hannah and her friend Natasha (a herbalist and doula) have put together an amazing course that takes you through 4 really beautiful modules to inspire 'natural summer living on a budget'.  The 4 modules have such great content including summer recipes, tutorials for making garden tents, foraging tips for beginners, camping with families, best summer ales guide, a BAZILLION amazing kid-friendly things to do this summer - SO. MUCH. GOODNESS.  If you could sniff this resource, it would smell like grass and smoky firewood and gin cocktails and roses.  There are printables and checklists and links to almost everything you can imagine that would inspire you to make the absolute most out of this summer.  It's so beautifully written, with gorgeous images and illustrations too - I promise you will hold onto this resource for a long time.  And immediately want to throw a summer dinner party.  And immediately want to go foraging.  And immediately want to make things.Shade Canopy | Stitch and Forage-19You can get Stitch and Forage here, and I really think you should! Also check out the #stitchandforage hashtag to see how other people are using it.


Next up is Lucy's 30 Days of Rewilding.  Lucy released this book last year and I literally gobbled it up and both Dave and I have returned to it so many times.  Essentially, there are 30 short chapters that you can read on a daily basis (or you can devour it as I did).  Lucy uses the 30 chapters to take us through loads of really amazing research and stories that help point us and our families back to our inner wild.  The premise of the book is to help families tune back into nature, into natural surroundings, into wild and mucky playing for the good of our whole well-being.  Our family thrives so much on being outside.  It's where we feel connected best to each other and where some of our best memories are made.  If you know me, you'll know that I'm not your typical outdoorsy girl, itching to go camping or anything, but I have found myself more and more, especially as a mother, really desiring time outside.  It chills me right out.  This is also where Levi thrives the best.

30 days of rewilding Terry Krautwurst

Lucy has a way of writing that is so spirited and enthusiastic, you will find yourself totally evangelised to the ways of the wild when you are done with this.  It's such an important message to share as modern life encourages us less and less to be outside.  You can pick it up for a bargain here and use the #30daysofrewilding hashtag to join in with any thoughts and see what others are doing!

I'm so inspired by these ladies, and am so excited for you all to get your hands on their writing.

I've been working on a concept for a short book/resource that I am excited to share with you.  It will be focused on helping families create a culture that cares about the world in a really active and practical way.  It's something I've been really thinking on for a while and feel like there's loads of ground to cover in that area:  practical ways families can join in social justice issues, how the path to raising socially conscious children starts with empathy and connection in the home, and how we can create outward-focused children that truly believe they can change the world.

It makes me so nervous to even think about starting something like this but I just know I have to do it - you know that feeling that you've been sitting on an idea and if you don't do it soon, it will go away?  I have that feeling.  Liz Gilbert talks about it in Big Magic.  So, to reassure me, I will be reaching out to lots of experts to help me, doing lots of research and calling on you, amazing readers, to make sure this is a book/resource that will be helpful to YOU and your families.  So, please stay tuned as things develop as I hope to call on your great wisdom in the near future!

What do you think?  Is this something you would be interested in reading about?  Please do leave me a comment here or over on the facebook page and let me know!