#EthicalFashionCollective - Altered Secondhand Style!

I am 10 weeks post-birth now and my body is changing every week - tummy, chest, hips - it's all moving and shifting and growing and shrinking - GEEZE it's quite the rollercoaster being a woman.  I have so few things in my wardrobe that really are suitable for day-to-day wearing at this stage when I factor in being up a size and needing quick access to the boobies for feeding. The other day I was getting Ada out of the car and my two lovely neighbours stopped me and asked why I was wearing so much black these days (my uniform).  I think they were worried about me - after all, the sun was splitting the trees and I was in back jeans and a charcoal tee.  I assured them I was fine and that I just didn't have much of a clothing selection that worked these days, and only a matter of hours later both of them arrived separately with clothes for me from their own wardrobe.  Sweetest neighbours.

A couple of the items were dresses that I really loved the fabric of but just weren't the right shape for me so I decided to try and give them a new lease of life. I took them to the dressmaker and asked her to alter them for me into wide-leg culotte jumpsuits (culottes are back - who would have thought!) and I've been living in them since! Check this khaki sleeveless number below and another gingham short-sleeved one over on Instagram here.

Mel Wiggins Ethical Fashion CollectiveI could easily have just discarded these and ruled them out, but with a little bit of thought they are now on regular rotation, are perfect for feeding in and really cool for this abnormally warm weather we've been having in Northern Ireland!  I had even been lusting over some similar items on my Pinterest board lately, so I'm well chuffed with these!

Mel Wiggins Ethical Fashion Collective Mel Wiggins Ethical Fashion CollectiveIt made me think, how much of our stuff do we just chuck in the charity shop or overlook because it maybe doesn't fit right anymore or we got it on sale without trying it on and it doesn't suit?  I love that with just a few minor alterations, something not quite right can become wearable again.

Seeing your clothes through the fresh eyes of a friend or a seamstress (if you are not a seasoned sewer like me) and giving them more time to be worn is a great way to avoid the lure of fast fashion that would often just pull us in to buy more new stuff - especially tempting for me at this awkward body-shape stage I'm in.

There's something about making use of things over and over in this way that adds hugely to the sustainable fashion movement.  It's make-do-and-mend at it's finest!  What do you think?

Join myself and Vicky from Owl & Accordion today (and every first Friday of the month!) by sharing your favourite ethical fashion finds by using the #ethicalfashioncollective hashtag on facebook/twitter/instagram!

If you want, you can also check out some of my favourite style picks over on my Pinterest board too!