#MotherhoodAlive - Freebies & Announcements!

As most people know, my parents live in Canada.  On facetime with them this week my dad happened to drop it in that it is Mother's Day in North America this weekend.  My poor mum.  I completely forgot.  I can never quite get it right with Mother's Day being on a different day there.  Thankfully I won't have to make many more apologies as they are moving back to live here in Northern Ireland in the Summer!  Hooray for our family all being on the same holiday schedule! Happy Mother's Day! wigginsreynolds063-Edit (photo credit: Geoff Telford Photography)

To honour my mum, all my amazing mama friends and readers across the water AND to congratulate my #motherhoodalive Instagram partner in crime, Aly on the birth of Ada's future boyfriend, baby Abraham (Ada and Abe - they are destined to at least be a musical duo, no?) Aly and I wanted to give all of you this little freebie A4 poster that you can print out and hang up to remind you all how incredibly badass and important you all are.  In the throes of this newborn stage, I'm reminded more than ever that we need to stay tuned into our passions, make room for the things that make us come alive and encourage each other to do the same.

#MOTHERHOODALIVE Mel Wiggins Aly Harte

Download the print here and please do come and join our little Instagram community by using the #motherhoodalive hashtag to show us the things that keep your spark bright in your motherhood journey.  There are over 2000 images shared on the hashtag already and it has been so encouraging for us to see your beautiful captures and to hear your stories.

In other #motherhoodalive news...

Aly and I would love to meet you all sometime and are so excited to be planning a local #motherhoodalive picnic & photowalk in the Summertime!  Expect music, blankets full of food, fun props to take pictures with and a whole bunch of other tired mothers giddy on prosecco because they have been let loose for the afternoon.  Sound good?!

If you are up for coming along and hearing more please do let us know by leaving a comment or sticking your email in the 'subscribe' box (at the bottom if on mobile & on the right otherwise).