Introducing the Ethical Fashion Collective!

Last week marked annual Fashion Revolution week around the world. It came about a few years back as a way to mark the tragedy of when the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed in 2013 killing over 1000 workers.  Fashion Revolution week is a call to arms within the industry, encouraging brands to show transparency in their supply chains and to campaign for a better way of doing fashion. Lots of strong change has come from such a dark day in the fashion scene – an industry that has long been saturated with scandal over poor working conditions, worker exploitation and an environmental footprint that has been so damaging to the earth. Regulations have been tightened, compensation has been arranged and some commitments have been made by big fashion houses but it’s really not nearly enough. There is so much more to be done to get the message across that fast fashion is dangerous.

Hear me when I say, I absolutely LOVE clothes. Dave even laughs at how I look at clothes in shops, teasing me about how I stroke them as I walk past (you know you do it too). Getting dressed has always been a real enjoyment for me, a way to be creative and feel good but in the last few years I have struggled to find that joy amidst the knowledge of how much of the fast fashion industry is negatively impacting people and the planet (you can read all about my various previous posts on ethical fashion here). As I’ve learned more about the devastation caused by our bargain buying and throw-away clothes culture, this knowledge has quickly taken the joy out of fashion for me.

Not content to let that be the case, and in a bid to be able to find clothes that suit my mama-of-two body, I’m on a mission to find that joy again – but this time with a difference. I’m more committed than ever to buy once and buy well, to not accumulate garments that I don’t ADORE, and to only buy things that are going to stand the test of time and are made with true transparency.

Ethical Fashion Collective

Enter my pal Victoria from the beautiful blog Owl & Accordion. Vicky and I have long bonded over our love of all things good for the earth and have decided to join forces to encourage each other and anyone else who wants to play along to be more thoughtful about our fashion. Here’s the plan:

- On the first Friday of every month we are going to host an Ethical Fashion Collective – holding space online for ourselves and others to join in, show off their ethical style and share information, articles or great brands that are doing fashion fairly. We will remind you when it’s coming up!

- Don't worry - ethical style doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive – it can be second-hand, thrifted, vintage or from eBay! Anything that is contributing to a fashion scene that isn’t wasteful or exploitative.

- To keep track of everyone’s involvement we are going to use the hashtag #ethicalfashioncollective on twitter and instagram so we can each share and enjoy each others’ stuff and try to push against the tide of the fast and fragile fashion industry.

- We would SO love you to join us! Maybe you have never considered where your clothes comes from but really want to be a bit more mindful or learn more – this is a great place to start with built in accountability! You can post a blog if you’re a blogger or simply connect in with the hashtag on instagram and twitter to share your outifts, any new ethically sourced items, brands or news that you have found.


Find us back again next Friday to kick things off – will you join us?!