Snapshots of The Week: A Slower Pace

Weeks are flying in.  Ada is now one month old and I have no idea where the time has gone. I am loving the slowness of maternity leave; the agenda-less days - a stroll here, a coffee date there, neighbours calling in, lunches with friends.  It's so nice to have nothing to focus on but our little family.  A different head space from my working life, sure - but a welcome one in this season - more on that in a bit.

With Levi in school most of the day, I feel like I have the luxury of getting to know our little girl in the same undivided time that I had with him so then when he bounds in home from his day I can give him my attention and make sure we connect.

Mel Wiggins blog www.melwiggins.comWe are still doing life with no TV and I thought that having a new baby would make me crave it more, especially during feeding sessions or when Levi needs to be entertained without our interaction but I haven't.  We call in the rescue of the iPad now and again but mostly Levi is really happy playing at the kitchen table, making things, drawing or helping me with the baby (giving her kisses with a little more 'energy' than is necessary - eek!).

Snapshots of the week Mel WigginsMel Wiggins blog The weather has been so beautiful here this week; so sunny and bright so we've been taking into the garden to get things ship shape.  And by we, I mean Dave.  Levi and I have started to plant some seeds for growing vegetables and that seems to be the general division of garden responsibility round here.  Dave does all over garden maintenance and Levi and I take care of the veg.  Dave bought me a selection of new veggie seeds to try out (some of which I had to research to know what they ever were...sorrel anyone?!) so we were getting a head start while the rain stayed away - stopping for ice cream breaks of course.  My friend Victoria from Owl & Accordion has some great tips for gardening with your kids on her blog.  She's my go-to gardening question girl so you're in good hands!

Mel Wiggins blog Mel Wiggins blog The pottering about and stillness of our weeks has taken a bit of getting used to in a way.  As an activator personality, it's a battle for me to get to the end of the week and be OK with not having 'achieved' loads of things; to be content with my pace being slower (there's a reason why 'slowing' has been a real focus for me this year).  I'm determined, however, not to rush away these days and feel no guilt about how slow and simple this time really is.  It's a privilege really, to be able to take time off and nurture tiny bodies and minds.  I mentioned over on Instagram this week (are we friends on there yet? find me here) that despite sticking it out for 8 months and eventually enjoying it that I found breastfeeding to be difficult, demanding and overwhelming with Levi.  This time feels different though.  I'm not stressing over it; I'm finding time to enjoy it with Ada, cherishing it more.  Poor first-borns having such newbie, overwhelmed parents in those early days!

Mel Wiggins blog I'm sure as the weeks clock in and Ada grows, the ability to relish in the slowness will become more difficult and I've got lots of ideas brewing for things I want to make time for during my maternity leave - stuff Aly and I are working on for our #motherhoodalive insta-community and other little projects that I know will be fun and energising for me. For now, though, it's back to slow.

Tell me, did you have a change of pace when you went on maternity leave?  How did you find it?  I'd love to know.