Sleeping Like a Baby with Leesa Mattresses


Out pops the baby and everyone's go-to question is... "So, how is she sleeping..?"

When I had my first child (the fact that we are now working in children *plural* terms still gives me jitters, like I'm talking about someone else's family) that question wasn't so loaded.  I was naive to the loadedness of that question.  I know better now.

Sure, sometimes people are just finding something to ask the new parents, going over the standard newborn questions - but other times there's a hint of agenda.  We all want to know if the parents are being put through the same right of passage of sleeplessness as every other parent of a newborn.  Sleepless misery sure does love company.  I reckon there is not a people group in the world more sleep-obsessed than parents.  Obsessed with how much our kids get, how little we get and how we can all get some more. It's true, right?

Ada is only 3 weeks old and I'm reminded that newborn life is so primal.  She is concerned with nothing other than her basic needs.  Her circadian rhythm is pretty much unset right now and that's entirely normal.  Days and nights roll into one big long period of feeding, winding, changing and sleeping.  Thankfully the hormones that release when I'm breastfeeding her mean that I am falling asleep quickly and deeply when she does.  I can handle the broken sleep if the sleep I am getting is good quality, you know?

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Just before Ada arrived, we received a new mattress from Leesa.  It has been years since we last changed our mattress and so when the opportunity came to try out a new one, we thought we'd better jump at the offer.

Leesa's mattresses and ethos are innovative.  They deliver their mattresses miraculously to your door, boxed in a vacuum sealed parcel (which Dave looked suspiciously at when it arrived - "there's no way there's a King Size mattress in there, Mel - you're going to have to ring them...").  When you release the seal and take the mattress out of the covers and set it on the bed frame it takes only a few hours for it to fully expand, revealing a triple layered foam mattress that contours to the shape of your weary, child-rearing body.

The top layer of the mattress is made from Avena foam, which is a completely latex free foam that allows airflow to keep you cool at night and the cover is lovely and smooth.  Leesa also operate on a 100 night trial basis, so if in 100 sleeps time (is it just me or does 100 sleeps sound like the best thing in all of the Earth right now?) you aren't satisfied with your sleep (fussy night feeds and snoring husbands excluded) they'll pick up your mattress, refund you and donate your mattress to charitable causes.  Beautiful.

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As well as that, Leesa plants a tree for every mattress sold and for every 10 sold they donate another one to a charitable cause.  Impressive, right?  There's something to be said about companies that have such bold outward focused thinking at the forefront of their business.

Leesa Mattress Mel Wiggins Blog

Ready to dive in and get some better sleep? The team at Leesa are offering any readers of my blog an amazing £50 off your mattress order. Click here to get your code.  Sweet dreams!

*Special thanks to Leesa for partnering with me on this blog post*