Fresh Finds Friday!

Friday! We made it! My mum and aunt left to go back to Canada on Wednesday morning so I have had my first run of looking after two kiddos solo.  So far, I don't think any of us are going to need therapy so that's a good start.  I even managed to make a meal yesterday that didn't involve putting a pizza in the oven!  Hurray for small mercies!

Anyway, here's some good stuff I've found on the internet this week (mostly at 4am).

Fresh Finds Friday Mel Wiggins Blog

+  I loved this article about 'Why Women Need a Tribe' and the power of female friendship.  Powerful stuff & reminds me of how we can create community in lots of ways - I've loved our #motherhoodalive tribe on Instagram - why not join us over there?

+  Inspired by this article on how simplifying our world (possessions, schedules etc) can lead to calmer, happier kids, I have done some big culls on the amount of useless tat that has gathered in Levi's room & around the house.  How does one tiny child collect so much RUBBISH?!

+  Ethical fashion company Braintree Clothing have just launched their S/S16 line and there are some gorgeous pieces in it I have my eye on for the months ahead.  Can't get enough of that indigo colour - swoon!Braintree Clothing Mel Wiggins Blog+  Have you caught the BBC series that Paul O'Grady is doing called 'The Sally Army & Me'? Having grown up going to church at The Salvos and having worked for them at various points in my life it is such a heart-warming watch about the important work they do.

+  I need healthy snacks.  This breastfeeding malarky is hungry/thirsty business and I'm running out of leftover easter chocolate.  Thinking about making these oat bars from Deliciously Ella.  You know, in my spare time.

+  I'm in love with my Solly Baby Wrap and it has been a life-saver during some fussy afternoon times when Ada just won't settle and Levi needs some time with me.  I have also been eyeing up these BEAUTIFUL linen ring slings from Wildbird too - any ring sling fans out there?  Would love your thoughts!  They look so easy to throw on and use, are they?  I'm very tempted...


+  Finally, I mentioned it on Instagram but wanted to say it again - if you are looking for a really beautiful quality photo/photobook printing service look no further than VSCO's Artifact Uprising.  I had a 2015 family album printed as a surprise for Dave (he makes fun of me for always saying I'm going to print pictures and never do so that'll show him) and was so impressed.

Mel Wiggins Blog Artifact Uprising We're off to a couple of kids birthday parties this weekend and hopefully venturing out for a nice walk somewhere if the weather holds out.  Have a good weekend everyone!