Introducing Greentom - The Greenest Stroller on Planet Earth!

That's quite the post title, right? Huge claim - not my words though; the words of eco-brand Greentom who quite rightly are storming the parenting/baby market with their completely eco range of strollers and prams. I first heard about Greentom a while back after having Levi and was really excited to see something so beautiful and stylish hit the market that had heart and thought behind it.  It takes real guts to develop something sustainable and mindful in a market that mostly caters for convenience so I find myself totally behind Greentom's ethos and values.  There are several different varieties of the Greentom prams to suit the age range of your child but every single one is customisable (choose your frame colour and your fabric colour) and 100% green, made from recycled/recyclable materials.  I love that you don't have make compromises in quality, price or style when it comes to buying ethically now.

The kind folks at Greentom have sent us over one of their beautiful Upp Reversible Strollers for the new baby so I thought I'd give you a first look at putting it together etc and show you it in the flesh with a little vlog!  Mind my breathless vlogging voice (that'll be 40 weeks pregnant for ya) and also note the killer combo of a bag of peanut m&m's and a bottle of Gaviscon (my current chaser of choice) on my bedside table in the background.  Yin and yang and all that, right?

Obviously this baby of ours is yet to make an appearance (COME ON BABY!) and will need to be a few months old to be ready for this model so I won't get a proper test run for a while but I am STOKED to get this gorgeous pram out on the road in the nicer summer weather (we can but live in hope that this is the year of maybe having more than 4 days of summer in Northern Ireland).  I wonder if I may regret choosing the lighter coloured frame and fabric with all the mess a baby and being out and about can bring, but I just thought they looked so classy together as a colour combo - don't you?

Anyway, I'll be back again in time with a proper review once we hit the road, but until then make sure to give Greentom a check out/like on their facebook/IG/twitter!

Would you consider buying an eco-stroller?  Is it something you even knew was an option?!