Launching #motherhoodalive with Aly Harte! (Vlog Included!)

I'm really excited to introduce you to a new little project I've been working on with my friend, the talented Aly Harte.  Aly and I have gotten to know each other largely through social media and found it to be a great way to connect, encourage and explore our creativity. Introducing #motherhoodalive - a new instagram hashtag for mothers who want to support each other in coming alive!

As mums and women we have often found that seasons in life can demand a lot of us. Our family responsibilities, jobs, relationships etc and sometimes it is easy to get lost in all of that and to lose steam.

We have also found that contrary to the often bad press that motherhood gets with the standard tiredness, needs of tiny people to be met etc, motherhood can actually be a really inspiring time – a time for fresh ideas and inspiration to come alive; a time where we can be really intentional about the things that we are passionate about and decidedly carve out time to do the things that make us come alive.

It could be going for that weekly swim on your own, it could be charity work, it could be crafting with your kids, it could be writing, collecting pogs (just kidding, but remember that?!) taking lessons, music – whatever.  I know that when I give myself permission to invest in the things I love it makes me a better mum - it's easy to forget that we exist as whole people but it is ESSENTIAL that we remember.

Aly and I want to encourage a conversation about motherhood that awakens us a bit - stirs us to life. We love to keep it real, and think that honesty is really important and there is a place for it in the conversation but if we only ever dwell on the tough stuff of motherhood we miss out on the other side of the coin and it can be a slippery slope into self pity.

So, starting today, we are launching a new hashtag on instagram called #motherhoodalive and we would love you to join us in encouraging and celebrating each other as we show snippets of how motherhood can be a time of inspiration and self-care, a time when we come alive instead of just exist in a fog of nappies, sippy cups and homeworks.  We LOVE instagram and want to make it a positive space for mums so here's Aly and I - very much the image of a duo in late pregnancy (watch how breathless I am even just talking - GETTHISBABYOUT!) - explaining more...

#motherhoodalive - This is for the stay-at-home mother, the working mother, the self-employed mother and everything in between. Sure, we know that some days we will feel less than inspired and will want to give a big eye-roll to this project all together but that’s why we want to create a community around this – to encourage and stand beside each other when those days (or weeks or months) of doom arrive.

So if it sounds like something you're up for joining us in (and we hope it is!) - here's what to do:

+  Follow us on instagram (@melwiggins & @aly.harte so we can see your pics - if you're private & we're not instabuds we might not see!)

+  Tag your pictures #motherhoodalive and share with us what is keeping you going these days, the stuff that is fun, silly, inspiring and bringing you life.  

+  Look through the hashtag on instagram to see how other mamas are staying inspired and feel free to join the conversation, make friends and support one another.  

At the end of each month, Aly and I are going to (with your permission) feature some of our favourite snaps on our blogs and Aly is working on some beautiful new prints to coincide with #motherhoodalive that you can put in your home to motivate and inspire you on the journey.  Hop on over to Aly's blog to see what she has to say about #motherhoodalive too!

We really hope you will join us - we can't wait to see your pics!