Our Weekend In Pictures

I never thought the day would come when Levi would actively want to stay in bed but it seems we are teetering on the edge of that time (although I'm afraid to say it with any confidence because let's face it, as soon as you get sure of something in parenting you can guarantee it all changes instantly). Lazy Saturday mornings are becoming a pleasure and I am milking it for all it's worth because those days of babies being ready for the day at 5am are coming for us quickly.  So for now, we relish.

The standard routine is that Dave heads off to coach football and Levi gets into our bed with me for a snuggle and a movie (which I am asleep for 65% of).  If he's extra lucky, Dave will make him breakfast before he goes and he gets to eat his porridge in bed with me.  No toast allowed.

Our Weekend In PIctures Mel Wiggins Our Weekend In PIctures Mel Wiggins  Our Weekend In PIctures Mel Wiggins Our Weekend In PIctures Mel Wiggins This weekend the boys went off to watch football (football is a strong weekend feature in our house) and I had the afternoon and the house to myself.  It was a bit heavenly.  I nipped out to the shops, tried on clothes that I wildly underestimated the size of, bought pyjamas, came back to a quiet house and read.

Our Weekend In PIctures Mel Wiggins  Yesterday we had a big carvery lunch with family and a very sleepy late afternoon at home.  Levi has caught on to this new phenomenon of youtube videos of people opening toys and kinder eggs and play doh and talking about them?  I don't get it but according to all of you on instagram and facebook it's totally a thing and kids are obsessed?! I feel old.  I'm like, why not play with YOUR ACTUAL TOYS?! Bizarre.

Our Weekend In Pictures Mel Wiggins

I really loved engaging with you all on last week's post about how we interact and observe each other online and it was great to hear your opinions, your own struggles with it all and the boundaries you are putting in place.  Thank you for chiming in here and on facebook/instagram - I love that.

I have a couple of posts lined up for this week including a fun joint project and some thoughts around giving birth and fear.  I've booked myself in for a 2 hour pregnancy spa session at my favourite beauty/spa place as well so expect nothing but zen from me from Tuesday onwards!

Over and out!