Our Weekend In Pictures

I do love a weekend without any plans; one where we potter around the house and have lazy mornings and slow afternoons and end up scraping dinner together because we lost track of time and no one has the energy to leave the house to buy food or a takeaway. We got the top floor of the house painted this week (you can see our freshly painted study/craft room a bit in my first vlog here - thank you for your loveliness on that by the way) which resulted in the mother of all clear outs and donation runs to the charity shop on Saturday.  There was so much stuff sitting in piles ready for selling on eBay/facebook/insta/gumtree but in the end it didn't feel worth the effort to do all of the listing and posting etc so we just dropped it all off to be sold on for a good cause.  I will never be a minimalist, but I sure am addicted to having a good ruthless clear out (I do have to give a massive nod to Dave here for actioning said clear outs by doing all the heavy lifting, up and down 3 flights of stairs and the loading/unloading of the car - I am currently rendered to being the person that yays or nays if things stay or go).

We had a really scary moment on Saturday as we were arriving at the charity shop to drop stuff off.  I opened Levi's car door and he leapt out and dashed across the busy road before I could grab him.  I don't know what actually got into him as he has never done that before.  He made to the other side by the skin of his teeth but it was the scariest 3 seconds of my life.  A random man watched the scene happen and made a point of coming over to tell him 'he was a bold boy' for doing that which was really helpful and between him and the fear/adrenaline/shock of what could have been, both Levi and I ended up in tears.  My nerves were shot and I couldn't stop weeping for a good hour afterwards.  Anyone else's kid ever do that or have a close call? Sheesh, it doesn't half take it out of you.

Anyway, this is supposed to be more of a 'let the pictures do the talking' kinda post, but I'm not sure who I'm trying to kid.

Sunday was good old Valentimes Day (as Levi calls it) and I made my boys chocolate chip french toast with bacon and fruit for brekkie and then we headed off down the road to celebrate my Goddaughter's first birthday with family.

Even though it was freezing, the golden hour light was too good on the car journey home so we stopped to take in the beautiful views of Lough Neagh.  Wasn't the sun such a tonic after such a stretch of miserable grey days?

I mean, you'd hardly even know I was pregnant.

Happy half-term to all you fellow early school-routine loathers! Rock those pj's just a little while longer!