Cringe! First Ever Vlog!

Such a week it has been! I have been busy hustling at work and am so happy to say I'm now officially on maternity leave! Hurray! Aside from going for a snooze mid-day every day, I have loads of plans for how I'm going to spend the next few weeks until this baby makes its way - I just hope I have the stamina to see them through. The other night I was 'going for coffee' with a couple of friends only to arrive at a surprise baby shower thrown my neighbours! It was so beautiful and touching and they totally spoiled me with kind gifts and homemade presents.  I've said it before but I'll say it again - we live in the best place in the world with neighbours that money can't buy.  So grateful.

Anyway, all this is me rambling to distract from the fact that I've also just uploaded my first ever video.  I have wanted to try this medium out for a while, and I think it's really nice to be able to occasionally hear the voice and see the person behind the screen but BOY IS IT NERVEWRACKING!  It took me about 17 zillion goes to actually just bite the bullet and save this version of the video - hopefully it will get easier and less self-conscious to do!

I'm no Zoella, but I have a few little projects and collaborations coming up that I wanted to try and use vlogging for so the video below is a really quick little intro for you before those come along.  I am going to try and vlog somewhat regularly (short & sweet you'll be glad to know) and hope to include some interviews, some thought pieces on different issues and maybe even some fun frivolous videos about family life.

Doing scary things is scary but also good, right?

Maybe you'll have a look and subscribe to my channel so I know you're up for watching more.  (channel link is here).  I'd also love to know if there's anything you think would be good to vlog about?

Have a great weekend folks!