Wish List for New Mums - Things to Buy & Things to Do!

Ok, so I know I gave you my new baby eco/ethical essentials list the other day and had a good old rant about how there's such a lure to buy the latest baby gadgets to make your life easier and how you should not be fooled by that and it's all a big ploy to make us buy more stuff... ...but then I got sucked down the rabbit hole of all things baby and here I am - posting a baby wish list full of really pretty things that might not be essential per se, but dammit they sure are pretty, and they're all still very eco/ethically mindful products so...


Eco Baby Essentials Wish List

1. Organic Muslins - surely if you're going to endure endless amounts of baby vom, you should have something pretty to mop them up with, right?  The humble muslin made beautiful with these organic ones from my new baby shop crush, Little Goldie.

2. Ollie Ella Yellow TeePee Basket - again from Little Goldie, these baskets are so beautiful I want one in every colour/design in every corner of my home - who cares if they are stuffed with nappies, lego and little bits of stale toast, they come with A LID and they are stunning.

3. Hudson - Gray Teething Necklace - where was this beauty when I had Levi?! These teething necklaces, stocked by the gorgeous My Little Duke (remember them from the Indie Christmas Giveaway?!) are such a great idea!  Stylish and safe for little gnashers!

4. Mimijumi Bottles - these are said to be the best bottles for breastfed babies if you need to transition, combination-feed or express.  I intend on breastfeeding for as long as I can but I remember introducing a bottle feed at night with Levi and it took me a ZILLION tries to find a bottle that he would take to because they didn't feel natural so to hear this is the stand-out feature and that they are consciously made & environmentally friendly is fab.

5. Organic Changing Cushion - same as the muslins - why can't all the less glamorous tasks be made a bit more beautiful? I love the Japanese print on this changing pad - and despite it's prettiness it's also claims to be easy to wipe clean!

6. Ergobaby - Aussie Khaki - I borrowed my friend Aly's ergo (for almost 2 years - sorry bud), and loved it so very much.  It was strong enough to carry Levi in as a toddler and I would love to get one for this new baby as an alternative to using a wrap.

(Below:  Levi definitely peed on my back in the middle of a charity shop this day - an actual puddle of pee on the floor).

Mel Wiggins ergobaby

7.  Camomile London Thick Hand-Quilted Blanket - be still my golden-mustard loving heart!  Could we just write this one off as an heirloom piece?  I am in love.

8. Grimm's Large Romanesque Building Set - mainly I want this as a family play-toy, something for Levi to enjoy now with us, using his imagination and motor skills to build and create and the baby to have fun with later on.  Wooden toys are so exceptionally beautiful and these pieces are all coloured in non-toxic dyes and stains.

FINALLY - a few things that I think should be on any new mama wish-list that you might not find in a shop:

+  A cleaner - once every two weeks.  For at least 3 months.  Someone to do floors, windows, bathrooms, ovens and organise your towel/bedsheet cupboard.  No judgement, no guilt.

+  Hearty meals - I can't tell you the joy it gave me to receive homemade meals from friends when we had Levi.  Friends who just showed up with stews, soups, lasagnes etc.  My friend even brought over a chocolate Guinness cake (to take care of iron deficiency, obviously) and it meant so so much.

+  Permission to nap/stay in bed when visitors come - Visitors that understand if you need to just go to bed instead of run over every detail of your birth experience again when they call unannounced. Or visitors that are mega understanding when you tell them today is not a good day to visit.

+  Not overloading the siblings with toys/sweets - Although it may be well meaning, it might be more work for the tired parents of a newborn to have to also handle an older child that is strung out on sugar and desperate to have someone play the game so-and-so brought them that has a million pieces and needs constant supervision.  You know what I mean? I reckon if you want to bring something for the other child/ren, books are always a great idea.

+  Dishwashers - If you are popping by and you see those dishes piling up on the counter, slap on some marigolds and get them done.

+  Editing the crap out of pictures of the mum - Please, oh please think about how much you would want your post-birth body/face banded about social media.  I'm all up for pictures, I'm not ashamed, I'm a warrior because LIFE CAME OUT OF ME, but do me a solid and work a nice filter, yeah? Even better if your friend is a proper photographer and brings their good lenses and strategic eye.

Anyway, that's my two cents!  What else would you put on the lists above?