Fresh Finds Friday!

Goodness me, it seems like only yesterday I was posting some pictures and talking about our weekend and here we are at Friday again.  This week has whizzed by, mostly because I've been hustling to get stuff wrapped up in work and hope to finish up completely next week (eek!). Lots of cool things to share so I thought it would be better to round them all up in a...

Fresh Finds Friday Mel Wiggins Blog

+  I am a sucker for a good scroll through those 'life hack' posts and am generally into reading any little tricks & tips that make life easier - THIS is the mother of all those parenting hacks in one place.  Bookmarked!

+  This post 'A Dad is Not a Babysitter or a Helper' really resonated with me.  People are really surprised and give me the "you're so lucky" vibes when mention is made of anything Dave does around the house or that we take equal share in dealing with/cleaning/organising/managing pretty much everything...

+  I loved reading Aly's 4 tips for smoother mornings over on her blog, Darling Edna.  Morning time is not our best time here in the Wiggy household.

+  Unless this baby makes it's way out of here by then (and maybe even still) I'm really excited that my mates at Brown Lemonade are putting on their first gig on the road at Hillsborough Court House with the spine-tingly tones of David C Clements to listen to & really awesome local food & drink producers as well.  Feb 27th - Get your tickets here!

+  Speaking of music:  This album by Colm Mac Con Iomaire is on repeat in our house/car at all times.  So ethereal, so dramatic, so everything.

And Now The Weather

+  We are HOOKED on Luther right now.  And by hooked, I mean I spend most of each episode hiding behind my maternity pillow.  Intense but amazing TV.  Have you watched?

+  Colin Beavan - the guy behind the 2009 Documentary 'No Impact Man' (which I wrote about here) has released a new book called 'How to Be Alive' and I can't wait to get reading.

+  In case you missed some of my latest posts:  A round up of my top eco/ethical baby essentials, DIY body butter & thoughts on Slow Activism, including 3 key habits for long-lasting social change.