Our Weekend In Pictures

My kid has a better social life than me.  True story.  This weekend was the stuff of kids dreams - bouncy castles on Friday, snowmen and playdates on Saturday and a birthday party on Sunday.  I can't remember the last time I had a full weekend of events planned, but my four year old has quite the full diary! Waking up to snow on Saturday was pretty special.  I managed to keep cozy inside with a coffee and enjoy how beautiful it looked, relishing watching Dave and Levi play in it all morning without having to actually go out in the cold myself.  WIN.

We had some friends and their kids over for lunch and a play - cute scenes ensued as they put the play tent up in the hall and dragged every cushion and pillow in the house in to make a den so they could watch Paw Patrol in it. Levi has picked names for our new baby based on characters from Paw Patrol.  He is going to be disappointed, bless him!  Zuma and Sky are not on the list.

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I reckon this weekend was the last I'll see of my maternity overalls until post-baby.  There's a lot of faffing that comes with them for the amount of loo runs needed at this stage ifyouknowwhatimean.


I was doing some thinking this weekend about how best to prepare Levi for the changes ahead - especially in the early days when everyone will be fussing over the new baby etc.  It breaks my heart to think he would feel left out in any way - even though I think an amount of that is inevitable because, well, it is a big change.  He has had us all to himself for over 4 years and I don't want to underestimate the shift this new season will bring to our dynamic.

I've bought him this book for us to read together but I've not heard of loads of ways to make the first born feel included etc that doesn't involve buying him stuff - I guess I'm interested in more practical ways to show empathy, security and inclusion with him.  I'd love to hear any tips or things that you found worked well in your experience of helping kids adjust to a new arrival?

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