Eco/Ethical Baby Essentials

Slowly but surely I am getting ready for there to be a baby here amongst us.  That little scare the other week shook me up enough to realise that I needed to get my act together and get some essentials in - thanks to everyone on social media that gave me their best hospital bag tips!  Working on it! When we moved from London back to Northern Ireland when I was pregnant with Levi we were pretty skint.  I was on maternity pay and Dave could only get part-time work for a while so we begged and borrowed most of our baby stuff and it was totally fine.  It's almost 5 years on and while most people would be digging out their gear from round one, most of ours has either been given back, given away or fallen apart!

Things have also moved on considerably in the baby gear market since I was pregnant before and it would be really easy for me (a total sucker for lovely things) to feel drawn into getting so many new contraptions and gadgets that promise to make my life easier but I'm not going to.  I still want to make sure that bringing a human being into the world is actually good for the world, not just another person sucking it's resources dry, so we are going to try to continue to parent as green as possible. The things that we have had to buy again we have tried to be more thoughtful about - buying nearly-new or looking for a more sustainable version.

I've put together a list of a few eco/ethical baby essentials we have used and will use for the weeks and months ahead; items that reflect kindness on the earth & baby and that support natural/organic materials and local producers.

Eco Ethical Baby Essentials for Newborns1. Jackson Reece Natural Unscented Baby Wipes - we have used these wipes from Day 1 with Levi and will continue to have them in our home.  They are made locally here in Co. Armagh, are paraben & alcohol free and completely biodegradable.

2. Bambo Nature Nappies - I put in a bulk order of these nappies (you save money doing it that way) from the Ethical Superstore in a few different sizes to keep us going for the first number of weeks.  They are made from sustainable forest materials and although I haven't used the brand before, I have heard great things when comparing them to the regular supermarket nappy brands.

3. Natracare Nursing Pads - these pads are free from plastics and synthetics and are biodegradable. When my bulk order of these arrived in the post the other day I had a little shiver of excitement and nerves about breastfeeding again.  It was really challenging but (eventually) really fulfilling last time - I wonder will it be the same again?

4. Solly Baby Wrap - maybe this should go on the wish list instead of essentials, but I am going to say that having a really good baby wrap is actually an essential for me.  I only feel like I dabbled in babywearing the last time around but think that with another child to see to this time, I am going to use this much more to have my hands free and am really looking forward to keeping this baby nice and snug in it.  Solly's are made in the USA from sustainable materials.

5. Fuzzibunz One-Size Cloth Nappies - We still have our stash of Fuzzibunz from when we used them with Levi so we will be reusing them again this time from 3 months onwards (hence the eco disposables for the first few months).  I LOVED using these cloth nappies with Levi; we saved so much money, they were so easy to use and clean and he never once had nappy rash.

6. Organic Cotton Sleepsuits - BABIES IN WHITE! Is there a sweeter sight?! I swear, even though we know the sex of our baby, I am all about keeping this baby in a white sleepsuits for as long as possible (12, 13?!). These organic cotton ones are so classic and are made of 100% eco organic cotton.

7. Mokee Mini Cot - This beauty arrived this week and is currently set up in our bedroom.  I came across the Mokee brand on social media and have become smitten with their design and philosophy.  We ended up selling our old cot and getting one of these (in Stone Teal - swoony colour).  It's so beautifully designed, reasonably priced, easily assembled and turns into a cot-bed for later on down the line!  They are made from sustainably sourced ecological beech wood and I have to say, the customer service is exceptional - I even had a lovely chat on the phone with Sam, the company founder, who personally called me to answer some of my questions. Pretty impressive.

8. Mokee Cot Bedding Set - I also absolutely love Mokee's jersey cot bedding range (sheet, duvet & pillowcase cover). It is so soft, is made from safe textile products and comes in the most beautiful range of colours.

Hopefully you can see how beautiful and easy it is nowadays to make more ethical choices when it comes to baby stuff!


* This post contains affiliate links.  The Mokee bedding was a gift from the company but all of my thoughts about the product and the brand are genuine and I couldn't speak more highly of it.