Our Weekend In Pictures

Last week felt like a proper write off here and it has taken me until now to shake it off.  I had a little pregnancy related scare on Monday that saw me starting the week off getting checked out at the hospital and it just set the week in a bad tone.  I felt nervous and tearful and not at all ready to do this all again, but thankfully all is fine and this baby is still inside cookin' for the foreseeable future. I think attitude is everything and my attitude stank for most of the rest of the week and I fully allowed it to.  I worked a bit from home so I could rest but I had little patience for anything.  On Wednesday evening, I sat the laptop down on the kitchen table after rattling out a really long blog post and just as I turned my head away for a few seconds, Levi got his mitts on the keyboard and managed to erase half my post, and severely alter the CSS formatting on my blog?!! ARGH! I was livid and had to take myself off to another room to get composed and gain some perspective.  Thankfully, the lovely Ally Simpson bailed me out and managed to get my site back to normal again.

I'm also just not sleeping well.  My back is giving me jip, my bladder is about the size of a peanut and Levi is often up through the night so by Saturday morning I felt like if I didn't buck up my attitude I could let this funk I was in become my regular posture and that would be ZERO banter for me and minus zero banter for the two boys that have to live with me for the next 7 weeks of this pregnancy.

Levi crawled into our bed at 8am on Saturday morning and put his tiny cold feet up against my bump to warm himself and contentedly watched something on the iPad for a while until I could muster the energy to get up (may as well start the day, I could no longer ninja-trick my mind that I did NOT need the toilet). Dave was out from early coaching football so Levi and I decided to go downstairs, crank the Adele album and make a fancy breakfast for him coming home.  Nothing shifts a funk in this house like eating good food together.

Beautiful Brunch Table Weekend

Chocolate chip pancakes was the only option really worth talking about.  I have the most ridiculous sweet tooth with this pregnancy, but sugar gives me terrible acid reflux so I basically have resorted to having a bottle of Gaviscon as a hip flask.  Hashtag worth it.

We set the table all fancy (fancy means candles in this house) and laid out all the toppings: icing sugar, maple syrup, sprinkles, cream cheese, golden syrup, chocolate spread and then some berries and sliced up peaches for the sake of nutrition and my guilty conscience.

Levi Setting the Table

I use Jamie Oliver's one-cup pancake recipe (see it here) and it works every time - big, fluffy, mother-lovin' pancakes.

Beautiful Brunch Table Weekend Beautiful Brunch Table Weekend Beautiful Brunch Table Weekend Beautiful Brunch Table Weekend

Amazingly, the fancy-pants pancake brekkie did the trick and the funk is shifting.  Admittedly, I still huffed and puffed my way around my wardrobe for 20 minutes this morning in a fit of rage trying to find something, ANYTHING to wear that was both comfortable and appropriate for human eyes.  Apparently wearing a dressing gown and no bra to Church is actually not OK - whatever.  I'm not super-human.

Anyway, I'm feeling ready to give this week some welly.  Are you with me?