10 Minute Gift Recipe: Christmas Crack

I'm spinning in for a quick recipe that I'm DEAD chuffed to have nailed.  This stuff has been a staple of our Canadian Christmases for as long as I can remember and this year I decided to stop pretending it could only be made in Canada and have a go myself. Some people call it Chex Mix, some call it Christmas Mix,  or Christmas Trail Mix.  I call it Christmas Crack because this stuff is so good it gets into your bones and you will not leave it alone.  It's the sweet and salty combination, I think.  It's just so moreish.

It's the perfect 10 minute make that you can bag up/tin up and give as a last minute gift - not that you would be frazzled one week before Christmas because you are having a mindful Christmas without over-buying, aren't you?!  Anyway, this is perfect for:

+ Teachers

+ Neighbours

+ Anyone with tastebuds

Here we go:

Christmas Crack Recipe

You Need:

+ 1 Cup of Cheerios

+ 1 Cup of small/mini pretzels or pretzel sticks

+ 3 Cups of Shreddies

+  1 Cup of Salted Peanuts

+  1 Cup of M&M's

+  300 grams of White Chocolate


+  Simply chuck all the ingredients, except for the M&M's and the chocolate into a big bowl and give it a good mix-up.

Christmas Crack Recipe+  Break up your chocolate into smaller chunks and microwave in 15 second stints until it's fully melted.

+  Remove 2/3rds of the mix into another bowl and pour some melted chocolate into the bowl with the remaining 3rd, stirring until all the mix is covered.

+  Gradually add the other 2/3rd's, adding the melted chocolate as you go so that you get an even covering on the whole mix.

Christmas Crack

+  Give the mix a minute to cool and then add in the M&M's and stir again to give them a light coating as well (chocolate inside, chocolate shell and then MORE chocolate....WHAT?!).

+  Lay out some baking paper on a flat surface and spread the mix out to cool and harden.

Christmas Crack Recipe

+  Break it up and package it up whatever way your heart desires and try your best to give it away before you eat it all!

Photo 17-12-2015, 12 11 55Christmas Crack RecipeIt actually took me twice as long to write this post because a tin of this stuff was sitting beside me.

You've been warned.