Branch Advent Calendar DIY & Simple Christmas Makings

Christmas spirit levels are rising in our house.  My brother and sister-in-law are arriving this weekend for some family time (YAY), Christmas movies are on repeat (Elf, all day erryday), invites are rolling in (how to dress this ginormous belly for parties etc? Answers on a postcard please..) and Levi is coming home singing all the songs from his little School nativity (which shall hereby be officially known on the Calendar as 'The Cutest Day of the Year'). I've mentioned previously about wanting to keep things simple, connected and present this year instead of frantic and overwhelming so on my mornings off I've been taking time to slowly brew the coffee, crank up the Sufjan Stevens and faff about decorating the house with homemade willow wreaths, eucalyptus and fir. The smells and sense of earthiness is keeping me grounded and I'm so enjoying a simplified house this year.

Simple Christmas Makings Advent Branch   Simple Christmas Makings Advent Branch

Making the willow wreaths are so easy, especially with having had so much rain and wind lately - there fallen branches and twigs are everywhere, ready to be picked up and bent into something beautiful.

Simple Christmas Makings Advent Branch Simple Christmas Makings Advent Branch

The fir was thrown in for free from the Christmas tree place and I went to a local florist to grab some bunches of baby eucalyptus for the princely sum of £1.  It smells so so good and is really easily fixed into the willow with a little bit of florist wire.

My favourite decoration so far though has to be this years Advent Calendar.  We have had this massive stick sitting around our house, picked up on one of our walks out at Oxford Island and I intended on doing something special with it.  I saw a few versions of branch Advent Calendars on Pinterest and thought it would be a really easy idea to recreate with our own twist.

Simple Christmas Makings Advent Branch

All you need is:

+ Giant branch

+  Greenery & floral wire

+  Envelopes

+  Wooden Pegs

+  String

It was so simple to assemble with no fuss and was made even easier by already having family Advent activities mapped out for each day (you can download my printable Advent Activities for Families here) so each envelope hanging has an activity and a fairtrade chocolate coin in it.

Simple Christmas Makings Advent Branch Simple Christmas Makings Advent Branch Simple Christmas Makings Advent Branch It's not too late to whip something similar up - no one is judging if your advent calendar starts at 12 instead of 1 (ours pretty much did).  I find even making the simplest things this time of the year can really settle those urges and panics about having to go and buy all the stuff.

Simple Christmas Makings Advent Branch Simple Christmas Makings Advent Branch Have you DIY'd at all with your decorations or gifts this year?  How are you trying to keep things simple?

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