Fresh Finds Friday!

Fresh Finds Friday Can I get an AMEN for the weekend?!

It's been a while since I've done a FFF update and I have so many things to share so I'm gonna break it down for you.

Listening to:


+  Glen Hansards latest album, 'Didn't He Ramble' is getting all the airplay in our house/car.  Dave has a massive man-crush on him too.  Something about those musical ginger beardy Irish men that he digs.  I get it.  It's beautiful, melancholic and spirited.

+  Lana from 'It's Her Selfie' posted her favourite podcasts and I've been devouring her recommendation of the 'Good Life Project' and Lena Dunhams new podcast 'Women of the Hour'.  Adding those to my list of regulars (Part 1 & 2)!


+  I've finished Jen Hatmakers, 'For the Love' and am currently reading 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed.  On my book list to get is Big Magic (Liz Gilbert), Rising Strong (Brene Brown) and Out of Sorts (Sarah Bessey).

+  Blog posts I've really loved lately: Seeds + Stitches did a fab collab with Forage Botanicals with tips on how to ward off colds in the winter season - will be trying lots of these in preparation.  Sarah Bessey wrote powerfully about what the Church could learn from the new Canadian cabinet.  With part of my heart in Canada, and a complicated but firm relationship with faith - I really loved what she had to say on this.


+  Catastrophe.  I cannot get enough of this show with it's frankness.  Season 2 has just started and I imagine you could catch up on Season 1 online pretty quickly.  I feel sad when it's over because it's just. so. spot. on.


+  We are saving our pennies for a maternity leave fund at the minute and Dave has been on a selling frenzy, including selling our car (we downsized - cause you know, we will be having ANOTHER PERSON join our family, so it makes sense), our garden shed, our bikes and countless other things on eBay and gumtree.  Dave has a Brompton bicycle that he uses for work, but we really miss our bikes so instead of Christmas presents for each other this year, we bought an Elephant Bike, and are going to share it.

Elephant Bikes are old Royal Mail bicycles that have been restored by young offenders.  For every bike bought, they also donate one to a social enterprise in Africa - it's an incredible venture.  Have a watch & see for yourself.  Ours should be arriving any day!

I'll be battening down the hatches & lighting the fire tonight, seeing friends tomorrow night and celebrating a family birthday on Sunday!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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