Life Lately - October

Hello! It's the last day of October - whooooosh.  That whizzed by didn't it? There has been so much to love about this month - not least the weather.  We have truly been spoiled haven't we?  So much sunshine and the trees have been massively showing off - glowing and glistening as they change.  The fruits of the Autumn have also been on show, so heavy and brazen as they burden the orchards and fields and stack up outside farm shops and markets.  I. JUST. LOVE. IT.

Apple Picking County Armagh

I had my best friend from Canada here for the first part of the month (we had SUCH a nice time - she just slotted into the everyday as well as some time exploring bits of Ireland together and it was perfect), Dave and I celebrated 8 years of 'I Still Do' and I turned the ripe old age of 32.  32 feels good.  It feels just enough 'grown up' for me to deal with right now.

I'm going to try and do a little monthly reflection more often - it seems a bit more doable for me this weather and it's a nice punctuation mark, something to look back on as our family grows and changes.

Speaking of growing and changing...

Baby bump 20 weeksI have a noticeable bump.  I still consider this stage awkward because the bump is there but it could also be mistaken for autumn overindulgence (#whoatealltheapplepies).  I keep looking up #19week and #20weeks on instagram to see other people's bumps, which is weird of me, isn't it?  I bought some maternity dungarees with some birthday vouchers/money and they have been the best bit of pregnancy kit yet.  Any of the maternity jeans I have (which I found on eBay for a STEAL) are still too big so I have to keep hitching them up, and my regular old jeans are too snug, so for now dresses with tights, thick leggings, jeggings and the dunga's are keeping me sane.  We are halfway there (living on a prayer) with cooking this baby up and we had our 'big' scan last week. It was so so incredible to see how much development there is -I forgot how much detail they go into at that appointment - we could see the four chambers of the heart, every vertebrae.  Yeesh.  This is really happening.  I need (another) lie down.

Levi Peoples ParkThis guy has settled into School really well after a little bit of a rusty start.  Similarly to nursery, the initial letting go in the mornings was a bit tearful, mainly because he was being dropped off in the playground, lining up with his class and then going into school with me or Dave standing at the sidelines.  We weren't sure how to play it, wanting to be sensitive to him and his genuine overwhelm with it all, but we've found our groove now and he flies in securely.  I honestly can't believe we have a school-aged child.  I still feel like I am way too irresponsible to be asked to help with homework and to sign permission forms.

Slow Saturday Coffee'Slower' has been my main mantra this month.  My energy levels plummet in the mid-afternoon and early evening so I am trying to pace myself more sensibly - saying no to things that don't belong on the beam in this season, and making sure that the time and energy I have are given to the things that bring me life.  I truly relish the Thursday and Friday's that I have off when Levi is at school.  I can crawl back into bed and enjoy a hot coffee all the way through, I can read, see friends, write articles (check out this one I wrote for the Sophia Network on Inspiring Women) or attempt to tackle the laundry.  It's been nice, and I know it's only temporary until the baby comes so don't remind me OK? Gosh, what is with people wanting to take down your good vibes?!

Craigavon Lakes FireworksWe've been busy at the close of the month with School functions, half-term play-dates, fireworks displays, Superhero parties and trying to use up all the best bits of Autumn's spoils before it's just a fading memory.

I am excited to roll into Winter and all of it's cozy goodness.  I have finally sorted out a facebook page for this here blog of mine - thank you to everyone who has hopped over and given it a like - please feel free to do so if you haven't already.  I'm planning some great collaborations and giveaways in the run up to Christmas and facebook pals will hear about it first.

I'm off to spend the rest of the Saturday stocking up the fridge and cupboards, stoking up the fire and pouring a sensibly sized glass of medicinal red wine.

Have a good one you lot.

P.S. For all you involved in the debate over on Facebook/IG - we found out the sex of the baby.

P.P.S. We're not telling.