Smoked Paprika & Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds

Levi insisted we carve pumpkins.  INSISTED. So we came home from the farm shop with 2 bigguns the other day.  I was putting off carving them because, well - mess, and my lack of creative carving skills but alas, all the four year old wants is a zig-zag mouth and a tea-light inside to satisfy his jack-o-lantern needs. SMOKED PAPRIKA & SEA SALT PUMPKIN SEEDSThat I can do.

As a waste-not-want-not kinda gal, I made sure to save the seeds inside so we could do something with them.  I also made sure to chop a good bit of the pumpkin flesh (ugh) out so we could make use of it this weekend in a soup or something.  Top Tip:  Taking a good chunk of the flesh (ugh) out makes it easier to carve as well - less flesh (OK, I'm done with that word now) to carve through.  You're welcome.

In case you were about to carve your own and dump the seeds, RESIST!  You are missing out on a really awesome snack that is so easy to make.


It's so easy to do - you'd be a fool, A FOOL, to just dump them.

+  Once you've taken all the seeds and other carnage out of the pumpkin, separate the seeds into a bowl and run them under water to give them a good clean, removing any slimy pumpkin remains so that all you have is seeds.

+  Spread the seeds out onto a large roasting tray, give them a glug of olive oil and then sprinkle over your seasoning.

+  I went with 1 tsp of smoked paprika and 1 tsp of sea salt, but you could use just about anything (chilli flakes, garlic salt, cumin, curry powder)

SMOKED PAPRIKA & SEA SALT PUMPKIN SEEDSSMOKED PAPRIKA & SEA SALT PUMPKIN SEEDS +  Use your hands to make sure every seeds has a good coating of oil and seasoning.

+  Pop your roasting tray into the over at 180C for 10 min, giving them a toss half way through and removing just as they start to turn golden. SMOKED PAPRIKA & SEA SALT PUMPKIN SEEDS SMOKED PAPRIKA & SEA SALT PUMPKIN SEEDS+  Leave them to completely cool (just kidding, who does that?) and transfer them into an airtight container.

SMOKED PAPRIKA & SEA SALT PUMPKIN SEEDS SMOKED PAPRIKA & SEA SALT PUMPKIN SEEDSYou can eat these on their own by the handful, or sprinkle on a salad (hahaha) - if you catch the pumpkin seed bug, you can keep the dream alive by ordering these all year round!.  Either way, they are the ultimate upside to getting down and dirty with a pumpkin this season!  Enjoy!