Beach Holidays in Ireland (North Coast Edition)

August came and with it our turn to shove one of every seasonal type of clothing into a suitcase and brave a staycation here on the Emerald Isle (Swimsuit – CHECK! Parka – CHECK! Shorts – CHECK! Wellies – CHECK!). One week up on the North Coast with Dave’s family and a week down on the South Coast with my family, exploring some of the most beautiful scenery and beaches Ireland has to offer.

We booked a house up on the North Coast through a friend of a friend and our South Coast accommodation through AirBnB. Both were great and the perfect spots for a bigger group to return back to and relax after a day of being blown around the sand dunes or touring the wilds of rural Ireland.  I'm breaking the two weeks into two separate North & South posts so I can focus a bit more on each (and to spare you the onslaught of holiday photos all at once).

North Coast

Our days were mostly spent going to and from the spectacular Portstewart Strand, which was a mere 5 minutes from our holiday home. We got ourselves a National Trust membership so we didn’t have to pay £5 each time we went on the beach and it has already paid for itself.

DSC_4617 DSC_4636 DSC_4641I reckon we could set Levi up on the beach with a bucket and spade (and some snacks), walk away for 4 hours and come back and find him happily digging a hole and filling it with buckets of water he has fetched from the sea, none the wiser of our disappearance. I wouldn’t, obviously. But we definitely could, he’s that content.


It was great to time our stay with friends and family who were also up North holidaying and we spent loads of time on the beach together, passing the flasks and biscuits, watching the kids body board and catching up.

DSC_4681 DSC_4685 DSC_4688(hey look, it's my 11 week pregnant self stuffed into a wetsuit!)

DSC_4691On the damp days, we did like good North Coast holidaymakers do and we hit Barry’s Amusement Arcade where Levi made his debut on a rollercoaster and his very first time in the drivers seat of the dodgems!

DSC_4748 DSC_4752Evenings were long and saw some beautiful sunsets which we chased and chased until that big pink ball of fire tucked it self away under a duvet of sky.

DSC_4714 DSC_4729I love how I feel on a seaside holiday.  There's something so freeing about it - not worrying about there being sand everywhere, schedules out the window, cooking together and letting the day lead itself.

The North Coast of Ireland is a special place, no doubt.  One of my very favourite areas of our country for breathtaking scenery, idyllic beaches and some of the best places for food that Northern Ireland provides.


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