A Wiggy Family Announcement...

Dave, Levi and I are really excited to let you know that we'll be adding to the Wiggy household in 2016!  We are obviously so pleased and I am already a little chubby, a lot emotional and finding a mid-day nap to be a necessity. Levi & Baby Wiggy

Levi is really excited, lifting up my top at the most inappropriate times (in the checkout at Lidl, at the park, while I'm putting money in the pay and display machine) to 'kiss the baby' or ask it questions.  It mortifies and melts me all at once.

Thankfully, this first trimester has been extremely kind to me - much kinder than when I was pregnant with Levi in London.  Aside from some mild nausea and some normal tiredness (there are arms and legs doing some growing in there) it has been uneventful.

And here we go again....!