My Favourite Podcasts Part II

Following on from Part I of my favourite podcasts, I'll crack on with another round up of some of the podcasts I've been tuning into in the office, while we do the dishes, in the wee hours or on in the car my way to meetings. Magic Lessons - for creatives who need a good kick up the arse to keep going.

magic lessons elizabeth gilbert

I have an entire blog post planned that has been sparked by some of the content of this podcast - it's THAT GOOD.  I'm so grateful to the gorgeous Sharon who writes so beautifully over at Wee Frizz who pointed me in the direction of this podcast.  It's hosted by Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame) and each episode is a delve deeper into the themes around her upcoming book (Big Magic - Creative Living Beyond Fear - YES PLEASE!) and she speaks to creatives (from famous creatives to average joe's who are trying to navigate their creativity) about their creative challenges - sharing wisdom, tips and advice.  It's just the tonic I've needed lately and I'm always desperately waiting for the next podcast to drop.

The Robcast - for the spiritual realist that enjoy a bit of deep thinking


At first I was like - no you didn't Rob Bell - you didn't just call your podcast 'The Robcast'.  But then I spent some time listening and soaking in Rob's wisdom on God and spirituality and I forgave him.  Rob has long been a controversial figure in modern Christianity, especially since he distanced himself slightly from Church influence and moved into more mainstream media, working with the likes of Oprah etc. but I still find him refreshing, liberating and the kind of communicator that helps me to keep connected to my often wobbly faith.  The recent interview Rob did with Charity:Water founder Scott Harrison is incredibly inspiring.  You should really really listen to it if you run a charity or are involved in leadership of any kind.

Fresh Air - for the media savvy who like to keep up with contemporary arts and current issues

fresh air nprI love Fresh Air for the occasional tune-in.  It records every day, so it's hard to find time to keep up but I'm certain that when I scroll through my feed during the week, I will always find something that peaks my interest.  Whether it's an interview with a musician, a hot topic like gender or race - Fresh Air always contributes their voice with intelligence and sense.

How To Be Amazing - for those that like getting into the minds of 'successful' people 

how to be amazingI think half the battle with a podcast is the host.  If the host annoys you, you will not stay long.  Michael Ian Black, in my opinion, is what makes 'How To Be Amazing' so great.  He's witty and endearing and genuinely wants to know what makes his guests tick.  I love a good interview, especially when the direction is purposeful and this podcast is.  It gives insight into the creative minds of some of modern cultures best loved individuals.

Please do keep your recommendations coming - and if you are a podcast newbie - I hope some of my favs make their way into your ears soon!