My Favourite Podcasts Part I

I am way late to the podcast party.  Sure I've heard many a person talk about their greatness but only in this last year have I really 'got' it. Maybe it's because motherhood is tiring and my ability to focus has waned, or maybe it's because in an ever visual world, there is something soothing about just listening but I've come to the conclusion that podcasts are my absolute JAM.

My preferred time of the day to listen is just when Levi goes to sleep.  The house is finally peaceful and quiet and I can concentrate without interruption.  I usually have a bit of tidying or dishes to do, so I stoke up our bluetooth speakers and find an episode of something or other depending on my mood and it really passes the time doing all that boring menial stuff.  It's also great for longer car journeys - unless you have kids in the car, and then you can forget about listening to whatever you want and just surrender to listening to the Finding Nemo audiobook 3247234 times.

I've dipped in and out of loads of varieties of podcasts- from the very serious, to the fictitious, the silly and the really endearing - I thought I'd share some of my favourites in case you were wondering about where to start with podcasts too.  So not to overwhelm, I'm breaking it down into 2 parts.

In no particular order....

The Longest Shortest Time - best for parents who need some light relief, old and new.

longest shortest timeIs the name of this podcast not just the whole whole thing?  Like, is it not just exactly the right way to describe being a parent?! I think I've mentioned this one before, but I keep coming back to it because it really really hits the spot every time.  Each episode covers a really unique story or aspect of parenting that is funny, emotional and keeps you nodding your head in solidarity.  There's an episode every two weeks (wishing it was more frequent!) and it is always based on listeners stories and concerns.  With titles like 'Mom Who Did Everything Wrong', 'How to Brag to Your Mom Friends' and 'Parents Guide to Doing It' - you know you're in for some fun.

Mortified best if you need a good laugh or a good cringe.

Based on the film 'Mortified Nation' (you can catch it on Netflix), each episode features an individual - everyday people - sharing some of their most embarrassing moments.  I can't tell you how much this podcast has made my day.  Hearing about other people's blunders makes me so glad for humanity of us all!

You Made It Weird best if you enjoy revelling in other people's weirdness.

you made it weird

I do love it when people that are well known expose their quirks and complexities for us all.  YMIW gives you just that opportunity - with interviews from lots of famous people including Deepak Chopra, Noel Gallagher & Judd Apatow - there is a lot of content to provoke thought and strangely contrary to the title, remind us that our weirdness actually makes us normal.

This American Life best for human interest stories and wonderfully weird ideas.

This was probably the first ever podcast I listened to - I can't even remember how I got to listening to it but I'm now a committed follower and never miss an episode.  TAL always has something new or different to share - from the heartwarming story of a Somalian refugee trying to get one of the very few 'golden tickets' into the US issued by the US Government to tales of couple sailing across the Pacific Ocean with their two small children, who after three weeks signaled for help — which came in the form of four National Guardsmen and a navy vessel.  It's varied, often funny and always interesting.

Serial best if you LOVE a good true crime 'whodunnit' story.


This podcast should come with an addiction warning.  I devoured the Serial podcast in a couple of days - it was so well produced, so intoxicating.  The premise of it follows a broadcasting journalist along with some lawyers reopening a murder case from 16 years ago when a young muslim teenager was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend.  There is reason to think that the trial wasn't fair and each episode unpacks the case piece by piece to try and find out what really happened, who was telling the truth and if the right person was convicted.  GRIPPING STUFF!

That should start you off if you're a podcast newbie!  I'll be back again with another 5 of my favs in a few weeks but in the meantime, what are YOU listening to?  Are there any podcasts I should be tuning into?  Please send me any recommendations - I know there must be some fellow podcast junkies out there!