Summer Bucket List

I'm melting.  It's so warm and I'm trying not to complain because the opposite of this is cold and rain and I do NOT want that. We've been having great weather in Northern Ireland, just in time for my mum and Auntie Moe to visit.  They are hard to heat, those two - usually found in my living room beneath a blanket with cups of tea in the evenings - so it's a welcome treat that they are seeing the sun this visit.

Levi finished Nursery yesterday.  FINISHED NURSERY.  I have a whole post ready in my head about the lead up to that event and the emotions it has brought to the fore in our family, but for now - we are celebrating School being out.  No more packed lunches, no more furiously baby-wiping a uniform in the morning because you forgot to put the washing out to dry, no more handing over money for fees, no more finding ways to disguise your bedhead for the morning school run.   And yet, here we are with 8 weeks of summer ahead of us and it's all down to us to make the fun happen for the next 2 months.  Ah - the never-ending bittersweetness of parenting!

To help you out - and to help myself out - I've compiled a Summer Bucket List.  Some of the locations etc will be Northern Ireland specific but if you live elsewhere can always just find your nearest alternative or sub something else in.  I should also add that this list is not just kid-centric.  It is family-sanity-centric; and if you are a parent, yours should be too.  It is important we ALL have our needs met to maintain some sort of healthy family mental well-being!  Shake off that guilt that you must bow down to the children's schedule this summer because happy parents = happy families.

Here we go.....!

Summer Bucket List 2015

1.  Paddling pool in the garden any day we can

2.  Make a slip n' slide (tarp, hose, dishwashing soap) - parents must get involved

3.  Head to Bangor for the day - ride the swans, run around the pickie park/splash pad

4.  Bring a picnic down to the river

5.  Learn to ride a bike (Levi - no pressure - just if it happens)

6.  Have a mum & dad-only overnight away

7.  Camp in a tent in the garden (with dad, I ain't no fool)

8.  Help to milk the cows at Uncle Roberts farm

9.  Have friends over for smores and a firepit

10.  Have a neigbourhood BBQ

11.  Go for the day to Aperture Festival at Corrymeela

12.  Take the kayak out on Lough Neagh

13.  Have a movie night & sleepover with cousins

14.  Make a lemonade stand & give it out to people walking home from work past our house.

15.  Play tennis

16.  Bake one new thing each week

17.  Beach!  Go to all the beaches, all the time!

18.  Find the coolest wild swimming spots in Northern Ireland

19.  Watch fireworks

20.  Make homemade ice-lollies

21.  Visit a town or a landmark in NI we've never been to

22.  Have a family photoshoot

23.  Go for a late night family bike ride

24.  Eat chips on the seafront

25.  Have ice cream for breakfast

I have a little treat for you - if you fancy making your own list and want to write it out and stick it on the fridge, I've created a fun printable for you to do just that!  Click this link to download.

What's on your bucket list this summer?  Any fun activities I should add to our list?  I'm off to drink a gallon of water and stand in front of a fan.