My Top Non-Toxic Beauty Buys

As a follow on from earlier in the week when I confessed my failure to go without make-up for 30 measly days, I thought I would give you a little peek into the products that I really love and use daily.  So many of you read and engaged with that last post - it is always such a reminder for me to stay honest.  Honesty connects us.  I hope we can continue our conversations in redefining beauty that empowers us and is kind to the planet. Over the last few years I've had my fair share of experimenting with DIY beauty recipes (how bless are those DIY pictures from way back in 2012 when quality pictures were not a blog neccessity) - some I've stuck with (coconut oil for just about everything, exfoliating with a homemade sugar scrub etc), some I've resolved are just not up to scratch and it's better I stand back and let the professionals help me out.

A few months ago my friend was coming to visit from England.  She was out at the supermarket with her mum the day before she came over and mentioned she'd better pick up some toothpaste.  Her mum was baffled - "Just use theirs!" she said.  My friend then explained to her mum that she couldn't take the risk that I wasn't going to be in one of my 'homemade phases', brushing my teeth with a bicarbonate of soda and coconut oil mixture and that she had better bring her own to be safe.  Her mum could not understand what my problem was and thought I was ridiculous.  It really made me laugh when she told me that.  Sometimes, it is ridiculous.

When I know I can't concoct something better myself, there are some brands and products that I have committed to because they have consistently worked for me and their ethos on the beauty industry is simple, generous and ethical.  Here are some of my favs:


top non-toxic beauty buys


1.  Yes to Carrots Day Cream is my current moisturiser of choice.  It lasts for ages, is totally free of nasties & a bargain at £9.99 available here.

2.  I have definitely mentioned this before, but I shall sound the trumpets again:  this Jane Iredale Mineral BB Cream is THE CATS PYJAMAS.  I haven't ever had to use concealer since I started using this - it has great coverage for redness and built in SPF protection.  It is available here for £28.95 - which sounds expensive but I'm telling you, I wear this daily and one tube lasts me almost a whole year.

3.  Ah.  Temple Spa Toning Essence.  I have currently run out of this and have really felt my skin dry up without it.  It's so refreshing and I feel like it is like a big plate of salad for my face.  It's £16 and you can get it here. 

4.  Another beautiful Temple Spa product - Be Gone Facial Cleanser.  This is my go to cleanser - creamy and hydrating and really safe for my sensitive skin.  It's £19 from here. *worth noting here that Temple Spa are one of the most generous companies I know and give a lot of their product and profit to meaningful charities that empower women*

5.  If you have to use a wipe on your face at the end of the day because you have watched one too many episodes of Scandal and there's no hot water and you are just. too. lazy then find comfort in these Yes To Cucumber Facial Wipes.  No alcohol or toxic chemicals that dry your face out, and again, completely safe for even the more sensitive skin.  Get them here for £3.99.

6.  This Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush comes in some beautiful shades, is really compact and lasts forever - I use it on my lips as well. It is £20 & you can get it here.

7.  Finally - the love of my beauty product life - Temple Spa, Repose Resting Cream.  I genuinely feel like I have a better night's sleep when I go to bed with this cream on my face, isn't that bonkers?  I think it's all the lavender and botanicals, it just gently lets me drift away.  It's pricey at £39 (available here) so I tend to stock up when Temple Spa run a 2 for 1 offer - it's my biggest beauty splurge but massively worth it.

Do you have any long-loved beauty brands or products that you go back to time and time again?  I would LOVE to hear!