Heavens above, the boy is four.  He's waited (literally) all year to be four - patiently watching as all his little school pals hit the mark.  It ended up being a week-long run of festivities for Levi; his actual birthday at school (complete with a Spiderman cake bought in Tesco the night before because I'm new to this mother-of-a-school-kid thing and apparently we bring cake in for everyone in the class and only a Spidey cake would do), quality time with his Uncle (my brother) and Auntie who were over visiting from Cardiff and then a party at our house over the weekend.  I'm still recovering. Levi's Fourth Birthday DSC_3871Have I mentioned that we live on the best street ever.  Being a good neighbour is my jam and our neighbours are beyond amazing.  Example A) This bouncy castle appeared in our garden on Saturday morning and disappeared on Monday morning (some of our neighbours run a bouncy castle company - see what I mean?!) - sneaky bouncy castle fairy neighbours are the best kind of neighbours.  Nobody is ever allowed to move out of this street ever.DSC_3875Yes, that is our local American Football league having a game on the pitches behind our house.  Clear eyes, full hearts, can't LOSE.  Texas forever.

DSC_3879We had friends, we had family, we had 45 people in and out of our house.  It was a beautiful kind of chaos.

DSC_3882 DSC_3883 DSC_3887DSC_3891

DSC_3895 DSC_3896 DSC_3899 DSC_3906There were times I also wanted to hide in the shed.  And then this moment happens...

DSC_3929 DSC_3932 DSC_3933 DSC_3936 DSC_3938And all our important people sing Happy Birthday to our little guy and I feel a holy love in the room for him and the gratitude and honour it is to be his mum bubbles up in my insides.

DSC_3951I'm not actually sure what Levi ate that whole day, but at one stage I found him demolishing a family bag of fruit gums.  I also spotted him eating a hot dog bun with no hot dog in it and he also admitted to sending his cousin into the kitchen to sneak him some more crisps.  


I held back on this party being all singing and all dancing with decorations and themes etc, but Andrea and I did stay up until stupid o'clock the night before making a SEVEN LAYER JELLO dish.  Worth it.


Thank you all for sending Levi birthday wishes, for showing our little family so much love and for being our year-round village.  We're gonna keep bluffing this parenting thing for another year.