Fresh Finds Friday

It's 8pm on Friday so this list of great stuff I've come across on the internet this week is pulled together by the skin of my teeth. Fresh Finds Friday Mel Wiggins Blog

But, it's Friday!  Can I get an amen?  Levi turned 4 this week.  F.O.U.R.  I can't even.  Tomorrow my brother and sister-in-law arrive from Cardiff & on Sunday we'll have some people over to celebrate our wee man.  I'm tired just thinking of all the cake I'll HAVE to eat.

For now though... here's the good stuff you might have missed.

-  THIS video of Jimmy Fallon and U2 in disguise in the Subway in NYC.

-  I've been tuning into a lot of podcasts lately - Fresh Air is always good for funny, entertaining content.  This interview that Terry Gross does with Rob Burnett, Exec Producer of The Late Show with David Letterman, is a wonderful peek into the world of the talkshow host that graced our family TV every single night.  It's the end of an era now that Dave has said his goodbyes to late night.

-  Is it time to 're-wild' the child?  Loved this important Guardian article on the importance of outside the class learning for kiddos.

- I straight up love Jen Hatmaker.  I binge watched her home renovation show online last weekend and loved every second.  She's one of my favourite no-nonsense heart-warming writers on faith and parenthood.  This blogpost about her parenting YES'S & NO'S was a great read.

- Last Friday the Republic of Ireland voted a resounding 'YES' to the referendum on gay marriage.  I kept reading through the #hometovote tweets about the thousands of Irish expats that flew home to vote for marriage equality and it was just so emotional to think of the lengths people went to to make their voice heard on such a pressing issue.  Just beautiful - do yourself a favour and look up the hashtag.

-  On a more superficial note, how gorgeous are these shawls?

-  Last but not least, I made these brownies from a pinterest recipe yesterday and the main ingredient is COURGETTES.  The actual vegetable.  In a chocolatey sweet treat.  And they aren't awful! They're actually pretty good!

Speaking of pinterest, you can keep up with mine here... there are lots more yummy recipes, interiors, DIY & craft ideas I've been having a go with below... Visit Mel's profile on Pinterest.

Sayonara chums!