This Good Box - Ethical Goodies Through the Letterbox!

Do you ever come across a product or an idea and think: "HOLY MOTHER - WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!"? I do.  All the time.  In fact, once a year my friends and I will go further and ask each other - if you could create, be good at, do or have a career in ANYTHING, what would it be?  It's a great question for lots of reasons and my friends always have great answers that they have thought through or dreamed up.  I have about 20 billion that I've given about 20 seconds of time to.  Honestly, the list of things I want to make, volunteer with, conquer and start up is endless.  I want to open stationary & party supplies shop, a vintage clothing store, start a mentoring programme, set up a workshop space for young people that don't fit into school to learn crafts, start a book club, a cooking club, organise an activist camp; I want to write a book and host a podcast about everyday activism (to name a few randomly off the top of my 500 mile-an-hour brain).

When I came across 'This Good Box' on twitter, I had one of those moments. WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA!  A monthly box of ethical goodies delivered straight to your door! I wish I had thought of that - and now someones gone and done it!  And a fab job they are doing, too - just WAIT 'til you see!

this good box

Lianne, founder of This Good Box explains the concept so beautifully:

"Do you want to make purchases that make a difference? Feel a bit overwhelmed about how to best use your spending power for good? Would you like a helping hand to find great brands that don’t cost the earth? This GOOD Box have got your back!

We curate the most awesome products for women and deliver a gorgeous package of eco-friendly, socially conscious goodies straight to your door each month. We’ll even include some treats for you to share through random acts of kindness so you can enjoy our philosophy of “do good, feel good” in action."

Reading this, nodding along, I knew this was just up my street.

This month's theme was based on 'Create' so I was EXTRA excited to open my box when it came.  Here's a scoop of what was inside:

this good box Everything comes in a beautiful little drawstring bag, and a list with some background details on this month's goodies were printed out on the back of a gorgeous A3 print.  Each monthly box will always have a snack, a beauty product, a piece of stationary and 1-3 other items (e.g. homeware, jewellery, accessories etc) so you are really getting a haul of treats.  Now to the rest of the May box contents...

this good boxFitting nicely in with the box theme of 'Create' is Sarah Corbett's 'Little Book of Craftivism' - a book telling the story about the Craftivist Collective movement that I've been following for a few years.  In fact, a little Belfast Craftivist gathering has begun and I keep meaning to go so this might give me just the push!  In the book, Sarah talks through the importance of 'slow activism' - like craftivism and it has tons of great tutorials on things to make and do that can really provoke thought and change on big issues.

DSC_3836 CraftivismThere are also some fabric pen's in there (oh the things I shall emblazon), some beautiful cuticle butter made by Filberts, a company in Dorest (be still, my weary bathroom renovating hands), the most stunningly designed bar of organic, fairly traded coffee chocolate (all mine - caffeine is bad for children), a kit for making a flower ring and one of my all-time favourite quotes on a sticker!

DSC_3833this good boxDSC_3823The products are high quality and there's a lot of attention to detail that someone like me really appreciates, but I think my favourite part about This Good Box is actually the heart behind it; the actual purpose and meaning behind this start-up is what excites me the most.

Aside from describing each item in the box on the back of the A3 card, there is also a little idea of how you can use the product to bring a sense of community, or kindness into someone else's life:  Share the chocolate with someone, give the flower ring away to someone who compliments you on it, give your friend a manicure with the cuticle butter...such a beautiful way to add dimension to an already brilliant idea.

*Sigh* I just love it.  Smitten.

Lucky for you, you can love it too!  This Good Box is giving a whopping £10 discount (over 50% off!) for readers of my blog on their first box purchase!  All you need to do is head over to their website & enter the code 'goodboxmel' at the checkout!  

Go on then, treat yourself or someone you love with a box of goodies you can be sure are full of heart.