Escape Artists: Colouring In for Grown Ups!

My talented friend Abbey has just launched a kickstarter campaign and it. is. AWESOME. She, along with her friend Anne - a graphic designer - have created the most beautiful adult colouring book, full of beautifully designed geometric colouring pages and they need a little help to get things going.

Escape Artists

Abbey has loved colouring-in for ages (even before adult colouring books hit the headlines as being good for your wellbeing). She has coloured for years as a bit of an escape from a busy professional life so the title of the project and the brand makes clever sense:  Escape Artists!

escape artists colouring book

Here's why Abbey colours - she says:

  • Colouring helps me escape from the constant pressures that come with being human.
  • Colouring allows me to use logic and be creative at the same time.
  • Colouring allows me to do something but absolutely nothing.
  • Colouring allows me to relax without hurting my liver or causing diabetes (I can spend a night binge colouring and wake up the next day feeling refreshed, relaxed, and guilt-free).

When Abbey told me about Escape Artists during our time together back in March, I was SO excited for her.  There is something so thrilling about watching your friends get stuck into making their dreams and passions come to life.  Check this out:

Crowd funding sites like Kickstarter are brilliant for so many reasons - the community feel, the idea that an artist or musician can take control over their creativity, but I especially love the way that we can all pitch in and help someone else realise a goal or a dream.

Although Abbey & Anne are based in the US, they are shipping the book (and other fun goodies!) out in the EU as well so head over and grab one!  Don't forget to keep up to date with all the Escape Artists news on facebook & instagram as well.

I'm pretty excited to get my Escape Artists book and settle in for the night with some of Levi's crayon stash!