A Post-Election Manifesto

Today we are disappointed.  We are tweeting our fears, facebooking our worries and I'm proud. I'm proud because I can see the appetite for more.  The appetite for politics that make sense for everyone.  Not much of the last 24 hours makes sense.

But after today we will get up, shake off our disappointment and pick up our resolve.  We will harness our upset and anger at the state of our politics, of our given leadership and we will use it.

We will turn our frustration into action.  We will own our communities for ourselves.  We will come together in ways that will show up the powers-that-be and remind them that 'we are the many, they are the few'.

We will start community groups, we will protest, we will encourage, cheer on and share.  We will build towns and cities that defy selfish agendas and we will fulfil empty promises for ourselves.  We will know the value of money, of care and protection and we will exercise it daily.

We will challenge decisions, we will follow up requests, we will decide to be involved.

We will champion the good, the underdog, the bright spots in our communities.  We will call each other to account and not wait for others to lead.  We will be innovators, entrepreneurs and activists.  We will move ahead.

We will understand that the real work happens here - on the streets and avenues, in the community centres and churches, in the non-profits and the small businesses.  We will remember our own power and we will give it away to those that really need it.

Be annoyed today; be angry and despondent.  Let the dust settle a while and then let's, together, show them how it's really done.